How To Reduce Stress With Ayurveda Treatment

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Anxiety and stress have gradually gotten into our lives, even though we’d rather not be experiencing them. Things begin to get out of hand when the stress is persistent and it slowly causes a lot of damage to your body and your mind. Also known as chronic strain, this could be part of your daily life because of different issues like relationships, work, and various life events.

Some of the most common signs of anxiety and stress are experiencing anxiety, exhaustion, panic attacks and restlessness problems falling asleep and irritability, among others.

Stress is not harmful to the human body, as it impacts both physically and mentally. On a micro-level, it can affect the body’s chemical system creating imbalances and altering the basic routine. The majority of the systems in the body are negatively affected, such as digestion metabolism and reproductive, nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems, etc.

Stress can’t be managed solely by taking pills. There’s a holistic method to manage the stress that encompasses all aspects of your daily life, including your diet, environment and lifestyle, sleep habits and physical activity, etc.

How do I know what Ayurveda can say about stress and anxiety?

Ayurveda as a discipline has been practised for centuries as it was founded upon the concept of doing a good job of balancing the doshas. According to Ayurveda, stress and anxiety can be caused by the imbalance of Vata Dosha.

A high amount of vata can affect it’s effects on the Mano vaha sorta. It is the brain’s channel, meaning that you’ve got the ability to create a whirlwind in your mind.

This time we will be focusing on the balance of the Vata dosha in order to achieve more peace and tranquillity in the mind.

A few essential everyday tasks that you can do to ease anxiety and stress

These are some of the most common tips and tricks to help you to live your life more effectively.

Concentrate in your mouth

Concentrate on the life energy in your body that will help you immediately. Practising breathing techniques like Pranayam as well as Sama Vritti could be a great help and relieve you from the stress of your mind.

It is a simple procedure and requires only the steps below. Relax in a comfortable position and start inhaling to the point of five. Start exhaling at the rate of five. Make sure that the time of inhaling is the same as the exhale time.

Repeat this process for a few minutes, and you’ll start feeling calm and relaxed. If you are feeling stressed it is possible to begin this method. This can be accomplished at work or in your home. This makes it simple and quick to get rid of anxiety and stress.

Practice Shirodhara

In Ayurveda, the term “Shirodhara” originates directly from the Sanskrit term “Shiro” (head) as well as the word Dhara (flow). The practice involves applying warm oil to the forehead to provide an uplifting effect to your nervous system.

It also helps to promote the health of blood circulation. If certain herbs are used it helps with anxiety, stress migraines, insomnia, and other headaches.

This helps the body and mind to relax on an even deeper level. Various studies have shown that Shirodhara treatment in Jaipur can lead to euphoria which is like the relaxation response that is observed during meditation.


Ayurveda is also focused on changes to your diet and reducing inflammation by adjusting your diet. Ayurveda advises you to eat according to your Prakriti since each person’s body is unique and has a different Prakriti. Every person should adhere to the diet program that is appropriate to suit their body and lifestyle habits.

We recommend that you speak with an Ayurveda expert for an individual analysis.

If you adhere to an ayurvedic diet it can be beneficial for your metabolism, digestion as well as other body functions. It will help you gain from your mental and physical well-being.

Common Herbs in Ayurveda help reduce anxiety and stress.

The most common herbs that may help with this situation include:

Ashwagandha is a great natural adaptogen that aids the body to adapt to emotional and stressful situations. It also boosts endurance, energy, and energy. It also helps promote restful sleep. One of the strongest ingredients to help support brain function, reduce cortisol levels and helps fight signs of depression and anxiety.

Brahmi is popular and is well-known for reducing anxiety and stress. It also helps to reduce levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone. It also increases your focus and boosts the health of brain cells, resulting in a relaxing influence on the brain’s nervous system. This helps to improve memory.

Bhringraj can be an effective ingredient in Ayurveda which can be taken in tea or in massage oils. It improves blood circulation and also increases the circulation of blood to the brain to help relax and detoxify. It also produces a relaxing effect on the brain and assists in calming the mind and reducing stress.

Jatamasi can be described as an effective anti-stress and anti-fatigue herb, which is utilized to treat insomnia. Jatamasi’s root is recognized for its therapeutic benefits and aid in relaxing stress levels and the mind.

Vacha is an Ayurvedic herb that is utilized in a variety of mental illnesses. It also acts as an enhancer of memory and an antioxidant that fights free radicals. It helps protect brain cells from degeneration and inflammation. It assists in enhancing brain function and memory.

Gotu Kola is a great remedy for anxiety and stress, acting as serotonin. It is a great way to calm the mind as well as be an enhancer of memory. It is a potent Medhya Rasayana that helps to strengthen the dhi, dhriti and smriti and also their coordination.

Pearls are believed to bring peace of mind and clarity of mind.

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