Top 7 Wineries & Vineyard In Bangalore

bangalore wine

Two glasses of red wine on a wooden barrel in the vineyard

Wine is made to drink, and enjoy. The important thing about wine tasting or to be a true nut of wine is to be prepared to concentrate and carouse in all its glory of taste, texture, and substance. A great accompaniment for some of the finest cookeries, wine also can be nursed as an any time drink, to suit every mood. 

 Gaining world character of serving superior quality wine, the megacity now serves utmost of the favoured drink in its caffs

 The megacity also boasts of stations that are generally located within a short driving distance and offers affable and rapturous wine tenures in Bangalore wine

 Then are the top 7 places in Bangalore

 1. Bangalore Wine Club 

 Coming into actuality as what started off as wine gloamings among musketeers, the Bangalore Wine Club is an miscellaneous group of wine suckers. As numerous flavours of the wine, so are the members ranging from professionals of the wine trade, hospitality and F&B professionals, commercial directors to wine suckers and new wine suckers. 

 A pampered lot, enjoying several boons similar to dining and hospitality at mate establishments, they clicked over the common love for wine. Members learn wine appreciation, art of wine timber and are exposed to finer nuances of food that’s stylish paired with a glass of wine. 

 2. Toscano Restaurant, Orion Mall 

 This fine dining eatery has climbed the maps of every savorer who has lived in Bangalore. Its lip smacking food goes best with an expansive range of Italian wines from their veritably own wine press, playing soul mate to a succulent spread. Serving over 32 kinds of wines, the eatery can fluently spoil you with its joyful range of wines. Though an eatery, Toscano is a great place to have a quick wine stint within Bangalore. Drop in then after a heady cure of shopping at the swish Orion Mall. 

 3. Caperberry Restaurant, MG Road 

 Located in the heart of Bangalore’s high fashion hall – UB City, Caperberry is a stupendous destination to completely enjoy an impeccable mess. As a fine dine format, its creative menu and precisely named Spanish wine list are highlights that blend perfectly with warm hospitality and spot on service situations. This place is a tabernacle of culinary art and wisdom. Be set to embark on a trip that touches your sensitive passions for wines. A great place with sauve air to celebrate any occasion, Caperberry is a gastronomical delight. 

 4. Olive Beach Restaurant, Castle Street 

 An ode to fine living in Bangalore, Olive Beach Restaurant is located in the quieter inside lanes; a couple blocks from the veritably busy Vellara Junction. An old manor converted to bait into a fabulous Mediterranean dining paradise, Olive truly celebrates life with all its uproariously. A menu integrating dishes from the Mediterranean bank with a long list of elegant, sweet and collection of rich wines from different corners of the world makes this a comforting place to decompress and relax right in the megacity’s centre. An ideal setting for a mini wine stint in Bangalore, Olive serves champagne, bubbles, sparkling, red and white wines that are exquisitely collected from all over the world. 

 5. Myra Stations, Victoria Road, Bangalore 

 A wine stint within Bangalore megacity limits? Yes at the Myra Stations, you can enjoy a splendid and enjoyable wine stint within the megacity! This entrepreneurial launch- up by an investment banker is just over 3 times and pledges to be taking wine appreciation beyond their usual prospects. Myra Wines is each about the heart, appealing to the dilettante and not bogarting the neophyte. Offering both red and white wines, Myra specialises in stylised wines in regular and quaint modes, which will make your wine drinking experience come alive. 

 6. Nandi Valley Winery, Yelahanka( 18 km) 

 An easy drive out of the diurnal routine of the megacity- life will take you to Nandi Valley Winery. Offering some of the choicest of exquisite wines, this megacity grounded winery also offers wine tenures for the sapient wine nut. There are auberges set up on point at the croft

 which not only doubles up the fondness for wines, but also add further delight with its tantalising food options. They also run wine education classes for introducing further people to the finer aspects of wine timber and tasting. Try The Fizzo, a foamy wine, whose gamesome nature and taste makes it an ideal refreshment. The range of white and red wines catches the fancy of indeed a global dilettante. Are you headed for this wine stint in Bangalore anytime soon? 

 7. Grover Stations, Nandi Hills( 52kms) 

 One of the first stations to open its gates for wine tenures in Bangalore, Grover Stations is an established brand with a phenomenal collection of wines available worldover. positioned in the scenic settings of Nandi Hills, this croft gives the perfect first hand inauguration experience into the fine world of wine. Spread over 400acres, the stint takes you on a trip from grapes to bottles. Spend quality time at the winery, get to know about crushing, filtering, recycling and packaging. Set amidst lovely air is the tasting setup, where you can taste five different kinds of wine over an hour and a half whilst harkening to relaxing music in the air conditioned basement; the stint ends with a pleasurable lunch.