Wonders of the NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape

disposable vape

Disposable vapes are the easiest way to vape. You can use it and throw it away when you are done with it. They provide convenience and satisfaction in our daily life. They are made with built-in features, an internal battery, and other features filled with nicotine and flavors. Vaping is a better option than a traditional cigarette because, as everyone knows, it is a fact that vaping is not as dangerous as cigarettes. With vaping, you do not inhale or digest harmful chemicals. 

The vape ingredients usually consist of natural and organic herbs, which are not as dangerous for any individual as tobacco in cigarettes. In vapes, you can monitor and increase and decrease your nicotine intake, which is an important and valuable feature. As you and anyone can see, there is a good margin between vaping and smoking. 

Naked 100 vape company based in Huntington Beach, California. Its only moto is to provide the best quality alternative of cigarettes for adults. They have constant innovation for their customers and also excellent customer service. They also help the underage through the knowledge of this field and make them aware of it. In the vape market, Naked 100 is raven route’s one of the best disposable that exceeds everyone’s expectations of what a vape company should do. 

What makes Nkd 100 max disposable vape consist of? 

So the Naked 100, the most successful vape brand, has finally made a new and exciting disposable vape again, it already has so many amazing products, and the news is welcomed in the family too. It is known for its amazing flavors and remarkable quality, which is the secret to being at the top of the market till now. Some of its features are as follows: 

  • The NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape is a fantastic vaping device. It is travel friendly and compact and can easily fit in a pocket, even your breast pocket, so you can vape anytime, whenever, and wherever you want, which is every vaper’s desire. 
  • This device has a mouthpiece that can be synced to your lip and use the draw-activating fire mechanism. 
  • It comes in a beautiful color range, and every color represents easier to remember and pick flavors. 
  • It has a 5 % nicotine salt concentration and a 12-ohm coil, which is unsuitable for sub-ohm tank systems. This device can only be used with low-wattage devices. 
  • It has a 10 ml vape e-liquid capacity great for more vaping sessions. It’s recharged battery powered by 500 mAh, and with it, you can get approx 4500 worth of puffs. 

Is NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape Durable or not? 

This product is super durable, gives extreme satisfaction, and also gives hassle-free handling. No need to worry about refilling and recharging. Any vaper beginner or veteran will fall in love with this device if they try it once in their lifetime and won’t be able to remain for not trying it twice or more. 

It has mouth-watering flavors and thick cloud products thanks to its ingredients and design, and it gives you an enhanced kick of bliss with every puff you will draw. Once the taste of your chosen flavor of vape starts to taste burnt, then it means that it is time to change it to the new device. Once it is over, dispose of it and go for a new unit. 

Most disposable vapes have batteries that are made from lithium-ion, which requires extra care and caution. At the same time, you dispose of your used vape. So before disposing of it, do a little bit of research or just ask a vape shop or website to give you information on the disposable of the product.


It has 8 flavors in total which are: 

  • Lava Flow: This one gives you a refreshing feel on your tongue with the combined taste of strawberry, coconut, and pineapples. This award-winning flavor gives everyone a sweet sensation that deeply touches their soul.
  • Ice Apple: Sweet apples with Ice menthol coolness. Nothing can top this.
  • Ice Brain Freeze: It is one of the best flavors ever made by Naked. A classic combo of menthol, strawberries, pomegranates, and, last but not least, everyone’s favorite kiwis.
  • Ice Blueberry Lemon has very subtle and delicate flavors that are great for Ice lovers.
  • Ice Cherry Lemon: Great combo of cherry and lemon in ice for the joy of every vaper.
  • Ice Peach Mango: Mixed fruit juice of menthol, peach, and tropical mangos.
  • Ice Watermelon: Yummy watermelon and chilling ice for summer.
  • Ice Guvava Berries: It gives you an icy finish with berries and guavas. One of the best fruity flavors ever. 

Simply put in words, The yummiest fruity flavors are provided by Nude.


So do not wait; after reading about this amazing vape, go and buy it and fill your mouth, body, and soul with bliss with NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape.