What an Urologist Do? 6 Situations When You Need to Visit an Urologist

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Removal of waste and toxins from our body is a very important process, one that is critical to keeping our health in good shape. Our urinary tract has to be maintained in right shape at all times.

If anything goes wrong with the urinary tract, then it may lead to some problem, sometimes minor and sometimes extreme. And you need to seek medical assistance in immediate at that time. So, who to consult? The medical experts who are able to diagnose and treat health issues concerning urinary tract are called urologists.

What an Urologist Does?

Our urinary tract contains of different organs, including kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. A urologist is an expert who knows all about these organs and provide full consultation and treatment support for any issue related to urinary tract. They provide diagnosis and treatment for kidney stones, cancer and much more health disorders. Along with that, they are also able to treat a man’s reproductive system related issues pertaining to prostate, penis, scrotum, and testes.

When you are experiencing issues concerning your urinary tract, or feel some symptoms are giving you warning signs for an underlying problem, ensure that you visit and seek assistance from the best urologist in Noida, or wherever you live.

What Treatments are Provided by an Urologist?

There are several disease and health concerns handled by an urologist, like:

  • Kidney stones
  • Prostate cancer
  • Problems related to pee
  • And more

Not all urinary problems need medication and surgical assistance. In fact some require ‘behaviour training’, which an urologist can suggest you depending on your specific condition. During such training, holding your urine, and some other training techniques are practiced which helps to strengthen pelvic muscles, and treat more issues.

Along with that, when it comes to treatment procedures, an urologist in Noida, or wherever you are, provide support for:

  • Ureteroscopy – Procedure to examine the inside of the kidneys and ureters.
  • Cystoscopy – Cystoscope (a tool similar to a telescope) to look inside and assess urethra and bladder.
  • Nephrectomy – Surgical removal of kidney to treat a cancer condition.
  • Prostate Biopsy – Extraction of a tiny prostate tissue sample to assess that for cancer identification.
  • Vasectomy – Prevention of pregnancy chance by cutting tubes that transmit sperms.

Along with the above mentioned procedures, there are several other treatment methods and consultation that an urologist holds expertise in.

When to Visit an Urologist?

There are several signs that your body shows depicting that there is something wrong with a part or component of your urinary tract. In basic issues you can have that treated by consulting your regular doctor, if the problem is a mild one.

However, if you are experiencing those signs consistently and regularly, then it is something serious and can be a severe health concern. This is the time when you need to seek an urologist’s assistance:

  1. Blood in Urine

If you have got a shock seeing blood when peeing, then this is something that you need to get concerned about and immediately seek medical assistance. Blood in urine means that there can be some kind of urinary tract infection, or a problem with your kidney and some other serious problem like Interstitial Cystitis (IC) meaning painful bladder.

  • Pain When Peeing

Experiencing pain when peeing also is a sign of urinary tract infection. Have that check with an urologist who will conduct a full examination and provide you with the right treatment.

  • Uncontrolled Bladder

Going to pee frequently? There is no proper schedule with your washroom routine? When your bladder becomes uncontrolled, or you are urinating a lot or even having a condition where you are leaking urine, this is urinary incontinence. Your urologist will provide you with diagnosis, examination, and medication and surgical treatment along with lifestyle modification that will help to get things under control.

  • Pain in Groin, Stomach or Lower Back

Sometimes when you are experiencing such pain conditions, then it might not be something related to physical or muscular reason, but it could be due to kidney stones. Look out for signs like severe pain on your lower back’s one side, or even blood in urine, or nagging stomach pain, or having smelly urine.

  • Having Erectile Dysfunction

If you are finding it challenging to get normal and effective erection which will be causing problem in leading a healthy sexual life, then the underlying cause of this may be an issue with your urinary tract. While this can be a psychological condition, but more often it is something medical or health related.

  • Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is a big health issue affecting many across the globe. And the reason for this could be prostate infection, prostate, inflammation, cancer of kidney or bladder and more health reasons. When you feel that any condition or health situation is giving you some serious signs related to your urinary tract health, make sure to book an urologist at one of the best hospitals in Noida.

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