7 Tips on Sending Flowers to Hospitals

Sending Flowers to Hospitals

Presenting flowers to your loved ones is one of the most effective ways of letting them know that they matter. Flowers are a traditional gift for the patients who are in hospital, waiting to recover soon. You can encourage the patient with a speedy recovery, cherish the dull atmosphere of their room and brighten up their mood by sending flowers to them in the hospital. Through researches, we have found that flowers have the tendency to improve the patient’s mood by boosting them up. You can spread positivity around by choosing the right flowers with the right scent.

Symbolize the love and care that you share with the person who is staying at the hospital. Flowers dare to represent your concern and love with their vibrant colors and smell. Of course, flowers are a gorgeous yet elegant way to wish a speedy recovery to the hospitalized patients, but when it comes to sending flowers to the hospital, you might want to consider a few tips. You can also check out Drive Jacket for traditional Michael Jackson Costumes. We have listed 7 tips on sending flowers to a hospital, have a look:

1. Are Flowers allowed in the hospital?

Before buying an expensive, exquisite bouquet, make sure that does the hospital even allows flowers in the ward? Some hospitals strictly abandon flowers in the hospital wards. Maybe the patient whom you wish to send the flowers are admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and flowers are strictly prohibited in ICU.

So, before making the delivery of flowers to the hospital, it is considered safe to call the hospital front desk and ask them for their permission. Hopefully, the hospital will allow you to bring up the flowers because they also care about the welfare of their patients if there are no medical issues.

2. Avoid picking up highly scented flowers

Instead of gifting high scented flowers to hospitalized patients, go with the flowers that are bright and gorgeous with a light scent. Hospitalized patients can be allergic to any fragrance, so rather than causing trouble for them, make sure that you choose the right flowers.

Flowers like lilies, freesia, and lilacs with high scent can cause medical issues to the patient for whom you desire speedy recovery through flowers. You can opt for daffodils, sunflowers, and different iris arrangements for the patients in the hospital, which have a low scent and a cheery look.

3. Add a little wishing card to the flowers

Along with the bouquet of beautiful flowers, you can attach a get well soon card. Cards dare to show that you care about the person. Your handwritten note on the card, saying ‘Get well soon’ or ‘Miss you at work,’ can boost up the patient’s mood.

The card will stay even when the flowers will dry out. The patient will always remember that you cared for them during their hard time. Let your loved one know that you are the one who sent them a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, wishing them a speedy recovery.

4. Look out for the size of flowers

Flowers represent the love and care that you feel for the person who’s on the receiving end. While sending flowers to the hospital, you might want to be careful about the size of the flowers. Some patients might have small rooms and cannot afford to allow an entire side table for the bouquet.

So, to be on the safe side, opt for a bouquet that is light-weighted for the convenience of your loved one. No matter the size, flowers always represent love and affection.

5. Bring Flowers in a vase

Always remember to bring flowers in a vase to the hospital. Ensure to cut the stems of the flowers, fill in the vase’s bottom with water and place the flowers elegantly in the vase. Some hospitals can spare vase for the room, but it’s better to get one along.

Keep the vase on the side table of the hospitalized person, so that it doesn’t take up too much space and could be a pretty decorative item.

6. Add Balloons to the bouquet

Balloons can always enhance the look of any package. And when it comes to flowers, balloons certainly add a charm to them. You can add colorful balloons to the bouquet, which has the audacity to cheer the hospitalized person. Make sure that you do not add latex balloons with the flowers, as they are prohibited in many hospitals due to safety issues.

So, add a bunch of colorful balloons to the vibrant colored flower bouquet and watch your loved one cheering up like a baby! Spread smiles as much as you can.

7. Let the bouquet include bright colors

Bright colors can easily lighten up the mood. Using bright colors in the bouquet can boost up the hospitalized patient mood. Flowers can cause speedy recovery and, thus, dare to spread joy and happiness around.

Ensure to choose bright colors when sending a bouquet of flowers to hospitalized patients, as the vibrant colors can keep their spirits high and make them feel fresh. This can be a leading sign of their speedy recovery. Once you are clear on what are the rules of the hospital about sending flowers to the patients, you are ready to get some beautiful flowers packed in a bouquet for your loved one. The flowers will surely boost up the mood of the hospitalized patient. They will cherish the smell and vibrant colors of the flowers on their side tables. The flowers will ensure their speedy recovery along with a boosting atmosphere of the room. So, if you are thinking of getting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for one of your hospitalized loved one, go for it! Make them fall in love with beauty as they recover from their hard time. Spread joy and happiness with the people who are going through a hard time.

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