9 Facts Everyone Should Know About Depression

Yoga for depression

Depression is a problem known worldwide. Despite the availability of modern medicine tools, advanced technical achievements, or good diets, depression are still a menace in society today. Alternative medicine seems to give those dealing with depression newfound hope. For example, Yoga Therapy Teacher Training uses Different approaches that include pranayama, Ayurveda, naturopathy, Reiki, meditation, yoga asana, and other approaches to fight depression. Here are nine facts you should know about depression.

There is no ‘good’ reason for being depressed

People get depressed for various reasons, others for no reason. It might be because of losing a close friend or a family member to death or because they lost their job. However, there is no reason good enough for clinical depression. Depression is due to the clinical imbalance that occurs in the brain chemicals responsible for mood control. Once the imbalance occurs, many people become depressed. Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Yoga for depression in Rishikesh can help relieve depression by teaching you how to balance the chemical through yoga practices.

Depression is more than being sad

We all are sad sometimes, but eventually, we feel better. Depression is not the same as sadness. It is more than our ordinary sadness, which is part of human existence. It is long-lasting. Sometimes someone becomes disengaged or disinterested. Frustrations and anger become part of your life, and it becomes hard to enjoy life. Other signs include:

  • Persistent empty mood or feelings of sadness
  • Feeling hopeless, helpless and anxious all the time
  • Low energy or constant fatigue
  • Appetite loss or increase
  • Severe Weight gain or loss
  • Changes in sleeping patterns

There are many causes of depression

Depression can be due to genetics or other underlying genetics tendencies. Also, hormonal imbalances, stress, and trauma, seasonal changes, and anxiety are other courses of depression. During Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, you learn about the different causes and how to approach them and alleviate anyone’s depressions.

You can’t wish it away

If you think you can control depression, you are wrong. Trying to get over depression by doing nothing or wishing it away is not helpful. That’s why different medicine alternatives treat depression. Yoga for depression in Rishikesh and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training are some of the effective ones.

No one is immune to depression

Everybody, including children, can get depression, no one is immune. The young, old, teenage, male, and female. We are all prone to depression. In that case,  no one can’t benefit from the effects of yoga for depression in Rishikesh or Yoga therapy teacher training.

Depression is an illness

Caused by neurotransmitter imbalance depression is an illness. Important asana like bridge pose, child pose, and upward facing dog are some of the best yoga practices for depression.

Depression is treatable

While medicines like Serotonin, Nor epinephrine, and Dopamine can help ease depression symptoms, the condition is treatable. You don’t need to suffer or persevere. Yogis continue to learn more about depression and the most effective approach to curing it in the shortest time possible. Yoga for depression and Yoga Therapy has a variety of telling that can combat depression.

Untreatable depression can lead to suicide

Left for some time without treatment, it can result in death suicide. National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates that almost 45% of people who commit suicide suffered from mental illnesses, including depression. Proper diagnosis and treatment are essential.

Yoga for depression is very effective in treating depression

Yoga for depression in Rishikesh is a program that allows you to use readily available yoga tools to treat depression. The program includes yoga therapy teacher training, where you get to learn about depression, its causes, and how to effectively deal with it.

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