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Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad first opened its doors in the year 1988. It was built with the aim to bring top-notch healthcare to the people with a firm belief in the values of expertise, excellence, innovation and empathy. At present, after almost three decades, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad has turned out to be the most trusted and renowned integrated Health City in Asia, specializing in the whole range from wellness to illness and holistic therapy.

Each day, the hospital obtains several admissions, pharmacy walk-ins, wellness consults and emergency cases. With every second spent at the hospital, staff and dedicated doctors carry out a number of services including MRIs, CT scans, Dialysis procedures, Cardiac Surgeries, organ transplants, and more; all this at an economical cost. It is the first hospital in the world to be accredited by the DCSC or Disease or Condition-Specific Care Certification for Acute Stroke by JCI. 

Team and Specialties

Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad has more than 50 specialties and 10 centers of excellence all in one campus. It has diverse institutes for heart diseases, cancer, renal diseases, neurosciences, joint diseases, eye and emergency and cosmetic surgery. It has more than 110 doctors offering exceptional medical care. The Apollo Hospital is regarded as the center of excellence in regards to the following disciplines:

  • Orthopaedic of bone related issues
  • Cardiac Sciences and affairs of the human heart
  • Spinal cord problems
  • Gastroenterology 
  • Cancer care with expert oncologists
  • The discipline of neuroscience
  • Organ and tissue transplant
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Emergency and critical care 
  • Preventive medicine 


With more than 350 beds Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad has world-class infrastructure and is technologically advanced. The devoted team of staff and doctors carry out a range of services including cardiac surgeries, dialysis procedures, MRIs, organ transplants, CT scans, and more.

Facilities and Amenities

Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad Doctor list, offer a number of facilities to the patients during their stay at the hospital which include Private rooms, TV in room, Free Wi-Fi, Laundry, Phone in Room, Welcome Package and Safe in the room and several other facilities. The hospital also has Netbanking, Health insurance coordination, Medical travel insurance, and foreign currency exchange facilities. For instance, you can get health services at cheap rates if you have medical policy with Apollo Munich. If the company you work for has ties with Apollo, you can also get the corporate medical packages and enjoy discounts on your medical bills. Besides this, Apollo Hospitals is a future ready health care destination which comprises education, telemedicine, research, disease management programs, medical device innovation, med skills, state-of-the-art physical medicine, wellness, and rehabilitation facilities in one single expansive campus.

Best Hospitality Services

Apollo Hyderabad takes pride in its hospitality and its guarantee to deliver the best services from the heart. The hospital is driven by an experienced workforce who extends themselves beyond boundaries to provide exceptional medical care; the medical team at Apollo Hospitals exemplifies a humanized approach which can alleviate any sense of stress and anxiety in the patients about their treatment.


Apollo Hospitals are home to several medical achievements and miracles. Some of which are listed below: 

  • Apollo Health City in Jubilee Hills has of late declared its seven hundredth successful cochlear implant surgical procedure. The skill of the ENT subdivision is imitated here. 
  • Apollo Hospital in Jubilee Hills has of late treated a rare and complicated heart disorder of an eleven day old infant. This has offered to save a baby’s life, living up to the aims of medical science. 

Apollo hospitals had been graded the most excellent multispecialty hospital in the state in the year 2013, as per the A. C. Nielsen study done by ‘The Week’ magazine. 

Ask Apollo

Apollo Hospitals has introduced its digital platform, Ask Apollo which offers remote healthcare services. This connects patients with doctors in a remote manner and offers services such as discussion with doctors via email, voice calls and video. Apollo developed the platform in partnership with HealthNet Global and Vidyo, the Hyderabad-based emergency and healthcare management services firm. 

Top Doctors at Apollo Hospitals

The top doctors in this hospital include Dr. Priyamvada Reddy Cherukuru, Dr. A Mohan Krishna, Dr. Rooma Sinha, Dr. Anuradha Panda, Dr. Vimee Bindra, Dr. Nihar Ranjan Pradhan etc. All of these doctors are highly experienced and knowledgeable and have treated several patients successfully. 

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