Best Remote Vibrators for Long Distance Relationships and Hands Free Fun

remote vibrators

Long-distance lovers and singles may now get mind-blowing pleasure at the touch of their phones thanks to the emergence of remote-operated vibrators, app-controlled sex toys, and Bluetooth connectivity. A remote vibrator can help you learn about new sensations during your alone “me time” and is more convenient and pleasant than holding a toy in place. Regardless of how far off you are from one another or how close you are, they may add something altogether new to your sexual life.

 Best Remote Vibrators, Selected by Our Specialist


It’s a vibrator, but not in the way you may expect. One of the best rabbit vibrator available is the We-Vibe Nova 2. It is a cutting-edge vibrator with a svelte, ergonomic profile that makes use of cutting-edge technology to enable long-distance play. This deftly updates the original rabbit vibrator’s design while also producing toe-curling orgasms.


One of the greatest remote vibrators for teasing and appeasing the star of the show—your clitoris—is the Satisfyer Dual Pleasure. This item, a clitoral stimulator, is intended for use during masturbation. In order to enhance the experience, it’s also a great addition during foreplay or when experimenting with sex positions that emphasise the clitoris. It’s surprisingly effective for a guaranteed orgasm. In fact, after encountering this kind of simple climax, you might be left wondering how you survived before.


This little sex object is perfect for bookworms. Using the Vibease app, it combines a hands-free massager that tucks into your underwear with sensational sex stories. This little but formidable clitoral vibrator has five potent vibrations that truly hit the spot, and it syncs with the audiobook of your choice through an app to simultaneously pleasure your body and mind. Yes, it does vibrate in time with the audiobook you’ve chosen for a truly immersive and participatory experience. For those who enjoy a bit of erotic fiction, it’s revolutionary!


We also included the Svakom Phoenix Neo Interactive in our list of the top bullet vibrators. The wearable bullet vibrator has a sleek, fashionable appearance and comes with a drawstring bag for storage, making a wonderful first impression. Our testers named it one of the finest remote vibrators available for a number of other reasons as well, though. If you already know how to operate a bullet vibrator, this one’s for you since it is made with advanced technology that packs in 11 distinct vibrations, ranging from luscious foreplay to mind-blowing excitement.


The Lovense Osci 2 is one of the best remote app controlled vibrator for the job if you want deep penetration to push you over the brink. This slim toy, made of supple silicone, stimulates your hard-to-reach pleasure area specifically to cause a potent G-spot orgasm.


These vibrators are the best ones currently on the market. If you want a reliable vibrator with lots of power and features that can help you achieve orgasm during your next solo session, check out one of these incredible vibrators.