Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Breast Reduction Surgery

breast reduction surgery

Thousands and thousands of people opt for breast reduction surgery in Mumbai every year for obvious reasons. While many people encounter discomfort, others wish to undergo surgery for cosmetic reasons. A majority of the people undergoing this surgery face certain problems like uneasiness, pain, and unwanted attention that they want to put an end to; with the surgery. However, proper consultation with the right doctor is essential before one opts for the surgery. With that, one also needs to ensure that the surgeon who will be performing his or her surgery is a board-certified surgeon. To help you out, here we enlist a few questions that you must ask your surgeon before opting for the surgery. 

How much experience are you? 

The first and foremost thing to ask your surgeon is whether he or she is experienced in performing breast reduction surgeries or not. If yes, you must ask about the experience of the surgeon in several years and the number of cases he or she did. Not all surgeons specialize in performing these surgeries, and so, you must ask everything in detail. Before you go for the surgery, you must know the number of patient cases your surgeon completed in the past. Also, ensure that you ask how often the surgeon performs this surgery. 

Should I go for the surgery? 

The next question is to ensure that you are the right candidate to undergo this surgery. One needs to consider a lot of factors before undergoing any kind of surgery and you must ensure the same. You must be healthy physically & mentally. You can opt for the surgery if: 

  • The size of your breasts hinders your activities.
  • You have larger breasts according to your body.
  • You get conscious because of your breast size.
  • Your breasts’ weight is causing much discomfort, skin irritation, and pain.
  • You hold realistic expectations from the surgery. 
  • The breasts are affecting your body posture.

How much will be the amount of reduction in my breasts? 

Your doctor may perform a thorough examination of your breasts before quoting the breast reduction cost in Mumbai and stating the amount of reduction in your breasts through the surgery. Your surgeon must leave enough tissue to allow proper healing of your breast skin and nipple after the surgery. He or she must pay attention to your preferences and work accordingly to help you achieve the desired results. 

Where will the surgery take place? 

A plastic surgeon may perform surgery at any location where he or she gets the suitable room and equipment easily available. However, you must make sure if the surgeon will perform the surgery at the surgical facility of the place where he/she is currently practicing or at a hospital or an outpatient center meant for surgeries. When the surgeon decides upon a place to perform the surgery, like a hospital, ask him or her for the list of the hospitals where he or she has certain privileges. Also, make sure that your surgeon will allow you to take discharge and walk-off from the hospital on the same day of the surgery. 

Which technique will you use for the surgery? 

There are various techniques used to reduce the size of the breasts of the patients who encounter problems. The cause of the excess weight of your breasts will help your surgeon in deciding the right treatment. He or she might choose one from a breast reduction, breast lift, and liposuction technique. Alternatively, your surgeon might use a combination of these options to provide you with the best treatment possible. Many people who have a problem with their body shape and posture due to excess fats on their breasts go for breast lift that prevents sagging of the breasts. You must inquire about the breast lift surgery cost in Mumbai if you are going for breast lift surgery. The surgery will also help elevate your breasts and offer you a good posture as well as body shape. 

To wrap up 

Your surgeon must readily answer all your questions and clear all your doubts regarding the surgery before performing one. However, you must choose the surgeon wisely and invest time in researching the surgeon you wish to choose. 

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