Nicotine Strengths: How to Choose What Right is for you


Nicotine is an alkaloid found in plants and can be used as a stimulant as well as a relaxant. Though nicotine can be found in extremely small quantities in tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes, they are most abundantly found in a tobacco plant. Nicotine can also be synthesised within a lab; however, the process is expensive. Nicotine provides its users with an array of varying effects such as alertness, mood elevation, and calmness. Hence, it is commonly viewed as a substance that can induce addiction.

That’s why, people who were smokers before, use e-juices that contain some amount of nicotine. Many vape shops in Australia offer commercial e-liquids that are often available in varying nicotine strengths. Hence, choosing the right nicotine strength is an important decision for all new vapers. Nicotine strength starts as low as zero nicotine and goes up to over 50 mg/ml. Sometimes, nicotine strengths are also expressed as percentages instead of concentrations.

For a new vaper, there are two factors to be consider before choosing nicotine strength. These include one’s smoking habits, as well as the type of device they have. To help one navigate the market, suggestions are often categorised by vapour output. This is because the vapour output is the factor which ultimately determines the amount of nicotine consumed per puff. Typically, people who smoke socially, or up to a few cigarettes a day, would fall in the lower range of every suggestion. Furthermore, people who smoke anywhere between 10 to 20 cigarettes a day, would belong to the middle range. However, those who smoke more than a pack a day would belong to the highest range.

Low vapour production

These e-juices create discreet clouds, similar to the smoke produced by a cigarette. This group essentially includes most pod systems available in the market, as well as mouth-to-lung (MTL) tanks. High-strength nicotine salts are the most popular choice for such vaporisers.

Regular nicotine: 12-24 mg/ml.

Nicotine salts: 30-60 mg/ml.                                           

Medium vapour production

Such e-juices are capable of creating clouds, but not the massive kind. Devices that fall in this category can come in every practical product range. These devices include pod systems, which can take sub ohm coils, airier MTL tanks, and sub ohm tanks.

Regular nicotine: 6-12 mg/ml.

Nicotine salts: 20-30 mg/ml.

High vapour production

Here, the e-juices create big clouds. Typically, such devices include powerful sub ohm tanks along with rebuildable atomisers with large airflow channels. Essentially, finding nicotine salts for such a category may not be easy, as these devices put out so much vapour that it almost gets too easy to get too much nicotine too quickly. Such vapers use sub ohm devices and choose regular nicotine juices at extremely low strengths.

Regular nicotine: 1.5-6 mg /ml.

Nicotine salts: 1.5-6 mg/ml.

When it comes to quitting smoking, new vapers are often advised to try a low vapour device—either a pod system or MTL tank. These can emulate the draw of a cigarette, which may help smokers to smoothly transition from smoking to vaping.

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