3 Easy DIY Tips to Keep Your Vaping Device Hot and Dry

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Vaping: the new smoking?

Unless you are a professional, a home-brewer or a serious hobbyist, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to make your own vaporizer. If you do, however, there are 3 easy DIY tips you may find useful, you can share files and ideas to help smoking people.

1. Make sure the device is dry before filling it.

2. Keep the device on a flat surface and out of direct sunlight (though this is not necessary).

3. If you do use tobacco in your vape pen, be sure to keep the tobacco moist and avoid burning it (and also wear protective glasses).

3 easy DIY tips to keep your vaping device hot and dry

It’s not just about keeping your vape device dry and clean. You also need to make sure that it is not too hot or too cold. The best way to achieve this is by using an air circulator.

An air circulator works by fanning the air in a particular direction, causing the air to circulate around the device, keeping it cool. The one we use here at VaporZap is called the Kinetic Air Circulator (KAC). It’s very simple to operate and is guaranteed not to overheat your vape cartridge. It takes around 3 minutes for the KAC to get warm up, so you can easily run it while you wait for your e-juice (it comes with a power plug so you can plug it into your charging cord).

The KAC has been around for many years and has become an essential piece of kit in our shop, but with all things vaping there are always room for improvement. We have found that some people have reported problems with their coils overheating when they leave their vaping devices on after they have used them – especially if they are not plugged into a power source (e.g. a battery charger). While this could be due to user error (holding down the power button too long) or carelessness, we think most people would agree that overheating coils is something which should be avoided at all costs! So, what do you do?

Well… first of all, make sure that your coil is at a safe temperature so you will NOT overheat it – please check out our FAQ section on how to check coil temperatures here. Secondly, if you do use an e-liquid which contains nicotine then we recommend leaving your coil at a safe temperature for 24 hours before trying out any new e-juice as this helps reduce any chance of overheating! We have even heard of people who have noticed that their coils stopped heating once they began using nicotine-free e-juice!

The benefits of vaping over smoking

It’s so very easy to become smitten with vaping. It’s hard to find a more convenient and affordable way to get our nicotine fix. But there are many different styles of vaping devices and the best ones can be a pain in the ass, especially if you are an electronic cigarette (e-cig) aficionado.

Here are my suggestions on how to keep your e-cig fresh, not to mention (a) safe and (b) cool.

Keep your e-cigs away from moisture & heat:

• Do not leave them in a hot car or in direct sunlight.

• Avoid storing your e-cig battery inside a wet bag or any other situation that might lead it to swell up due to high water content (also called “sweating” your e-cig battery).

• During the heat of summer, place your coolant bottle in the fridge for 24 hours after opening it.

• When you buy a new coolant bottle from a store, be sure it is made of childproof plastic and has child proof caps on both ends . . .

Keep your e-cigs away from salt:  Salt is known for its ability to reduce the lifespan of electronic devices by corroding their components and causing them to lose their ability to perform like they did before exposure to salt. Here’s why it happens: When moisture gets into electronics, salt molecules are released into the air which causes corrosion. Cold winter temperatures will also slow down the decay process which makes them more resistant than they were when they were warmer months ago. This means that over time, long term exposure to salt will lead electronic devices like CPUs, memory chips and other electronics parts inside e-cigs become less able to perform as they used prior exposure by causing them damage.   In order for this damage not occur then you need adequate protection against exposure by keeping your e-cigs away from areas that would make moisture or cold temperatures flow through them:  – Keep them away from inside vehicles or indoor areas where there is high humidity such as bathrooms, closets, etc.. – If you find yourself storing an electric device such as an e cigarette battery inside of one of these places be sure that no moisture is getting into it even if you make sure that the battery is not exposed – The best prevention ever is never using anything electrical near water, pools, wet surfaces or anything else that may cause water vapor or humidity.

The risks of vaping

I love vaping. I’ve been doing it for a while, but haven’t done much in the way of explaining why or writing a guide on how to do it. But I recently started feeling like I should, so here we go. Here’s the thing: if you are going to vape, you need to get the right stuff.

First off, you need to get yourself one of these products:

These devices are designed and marketed by a company called E-Liquids. The details of that link are below:

If you have never heard of them or have no idea what they do, here’s what they say:

E-Liquids is an e-liquid manufacturer and distributor that sells premium e-liquids at wholesale prices through their website. They offer an impressive number of high-quality e-juices for sale and provide customer support for their products. Many other companies sell similar products with similar claims but do not offer the same customer support as E-Liquids does. Their website also contains detailed instructions on how to properly use its many different items such as drip tips and atomizers.

There are lots of features worth mentioning here (and there is much more). These include:

• The quality/price ratio is VERY high (to put it in perspective, this is pretty expensive stuff compared to other large manufacturers).

• Each individual product comes with its own box which has instructional materials on how to use it. Some manufacturers even include a small booklet on the history of their brand and where they got their inspiration from (if you can dig them up). Some will even include an instruction book which outlines recommended usage techniques or addresses common concerns/questions that customers may have about using them (which is nice). You don’t even need a fancy computer/tablet to open these boxes! They make it easy enough — just pop open your box, take out whatever e-juice sample packet/bottle from your container, look at the instructions inside (it isn’t hard), then follow along until you figure out how to use it properly — all without any help from anyone else (that includes your current vaporizer!). This can be very helpful for those who may be new to vaping but don’t know where/how this stuff works without help from someone who knows what he’s talking about — whether in person or online!

How to quit smoking for good

Do you want to quit smoking but don’t know where to start? Here are 3 easy tips that will help you keep your e-cig, mod or vaporizer at optimal temperature and reduce chance of damage:

• Heat up the battery. This is not just for helping to cool the battery down after it has run out of power; it also helps with heat dissipation. If a device is already cool when you pull it out of its case, it can be prevented from overheating by heating up before putting it back in. This may be done by connecting the device to an external charger (i.e. with a USB cord) and using that as a makeshift heater.

• The best solution is to just use an e-cigarette battery charger (or get a high-quality USB adapter if you are using low wattage devices). Also check out our other post on how to charge your devices on a travel flight so that they are ready when you arrive: How To Charge Your Devices On A Plane

• Remove the screen protector before putting it on the e-cig/mod or vaporizer so that any oil residue does not get into the mouthpiece or other parts of your vape device

This article was written by an avid vaper (an 18-year-old who has been vaping since he was 15) and he believes some common sense measures can lower risk of damage caused by overheating and damage. It’s something we should all be mindful of while vaping and hopefully will lead more people away from taking chances with their hardware.