11 Fruits That Can Control Blood Sugar and Has Incredible Health Benefits

fruits control blood sugar

Food can be the most potent form of medicine — and that’s true when managing blood sugar levels. Certain foods, especially fruits, contain powerful nutrients that can help control blood sugar, regulate appetite, and protect your heart, which is all especially important when you’re dealing with diabetes.

Keeping track of daily sugar intake is good for everyone, but it is essential for people with diabetes! People with diabetes are always recommended to cut down on sugar and eat a balanced and healthy diet. People with diabetes often presume that eating fruits can spike their blood sugar] levels, but it is entirely a myth! Fruits are a great source of multiple nutrients and are a very healthy way to satisfy your hunger pangs. 

However, most of the fruits contain high amounts of sugar, but there are some which are not harmful to diabetics because they have low sugar content. The GI (glycemic index) of any food item determines if it is suitable for diabetics or not! For example, if a fruit has a low GI value, then it cannot spike up the blood glucose levels inside the body!

So, if you have diabetes and have a sweet tooth then, don’t panic; you won’t miss out on fruits, at least! Yes, that’s true! Here, we have created a list of best low-sugar fruits that can satiate your sugar cravings without spiking up your blood glucose levels. Read more to find them!

1. Oranges

Eat this vitamin C rich, juicy treat with no worries as it won’t increase your blood sugar levels! A medium orange has only 12 grams of sugar and just seventy calories! It also contains folate and potassium, which helps in normalizing blood pressure.

2. Grapefruits

Another addition on the list is grapefruit. A medium-sized grapefruit contains only nine grams of sugar. So, enjoy it for breakfast or as a snack, but make sure you eat it in limited portions.

3. Raspberries

With an astonishingly low amount of sugar, this fruit is the best for satisfying your sweet tooth! One cup of raspberries contains only five grams sugar and loads of fibers; yes, that’s real! So, this berry will make you feel full for long durations and won’t even spike your glucose levels!

4. Kiwis

Who doesn’t like the sour and sweet flavor of kiwis? These green fuzzy fruits are rich in vitamin C and have a meager level of sugar. With just six grams of sugar per fruit, this fruit deserves inclusion in your daily diet menu!

5. Avocados

Avocados are intrinsically low in sugar, with just 1 gram of sugar per fruit, avocados are very healthy for people with diabetes. They also reduce the level of bad cholesterols in the body that helps in protecting the heart.

6. Peaches

Of course, they are very sweet, but you will be surprised to know that they are not at all a sugary fruit! A medium-sized peach contains only 13 grams of sugar, so find a juicy peach whenever you long for sweet!

7. Plums

These delicious purple treats are suitable for anyone, including diabetics! Yes, that’s right! With only seven grams of sugar per fruit, this sweet treat can be relished at any time!

8. Apples

Apple juice is full of sugars; we agree, but if you change the way you consume it and have it as a complete fruit then, you will only get 19 grams of sugar. So yes! An apple a day indeed can keep the doctors away!

9. Watermelons

The favorite summer fruit of almost everyone, watermelon, is very hydrating in nature and it has only 10 grams of sugar per cup. As a bonus, you also get a lot of iron if you eat this delectable fruit!

10. Blackberries

Last on the list is blackberry! These dark-colored berries are very high in antioxidants and fibers, but luckily, they are low in sugar. They have 7 grams of sugar per cup. So, go and have them!

11. Guava

A research group has found that people with diabetes can find a particular fruit easily in the market that could help them manage their blood sugar levels. It’s guava! The health benefits of guava have been found sufficient to avoid a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. Studies have also proven that there is a particular time when people can consume more of the fruit’s positive benefits. Yes, eating guava for breakfast allows the body to absorb more of its nutrients!

Summing it up:

Enhancing one’s lifestyle becomes an essential part of managing blood sugar levels. Increasing physical activity can also have a positive impact on blood sugar management.

At the end of the day, the most effective way to manage and prevent diabetes is by eating a balanced diet that includes healthy carbohydrates and enough healthy fats and proteins.

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