Get the best Wax pen under $90- The Ghost full RX kit

best Wax pen

The vape pens are taking the cannabis market by a storm. Many cannabis users regard vaporizers as trendy, safe, and discreet as compared to traditional methods like smoking joints. The vapes ensure that the flavor of the cannabis is retained and allow the utilization of essential compounds like terpenes which have therapeutic properties. The ultra-modern components of vapes present in vapes boost the overall experience of CBD consumption.

Due to the increasing popularity of vaporizers, many manufacturers have come up to meet the market demand. Because some of the manufactures are profit-driven, their products may be of inferior quality. It’s, therefore, crucial to understand how to find the best wax vape tool that gives you value for money.

Because of the multitude of vape products in the market, arming yourself with relevant information is the initial step that you need to take before your shopping around. This blog offers you tips on how to choose the best quality wax vaporizers in the market.

How to look for the best wax vaporizers

There are various factors that you need to consider before buying a wax pen. These include:


Wax pens come in a variety of strengths. It’s essential to evaluate your condition and determine the kind of CBD efficacy it requires for relief. It’s advisable to match the effectiveness with dosage requirements. You need to choose a product that has the amount of CBD content in the vaporizer.

Titanium content

Many manufacturers use titanium as a strong selling point for their products. They know that titanium offers the best quality flavors which many clients look for. What you need to understand, however, is that titanium exists in various forms, including grades 1 and 2, and alloys. 

Many wax vape manufactures know that grades 1 and 2 titanium are expensive and use alloys instead. When you come across a product that has a titanium marketing information but fails to include the grade, it’s essential to understand that the titanium in the product may be an alloy.

ghost full rx kit

Apart from titanium, atomizers in wax pens may be manufactured from titanium alloys, nichrome, and kanthal. The use of titanium alloys may pose unknown health risks to a user, and it’s advisable to desist from buying such a product.

Titanium atomizers have low resistance and work excellently with sub-ohm cells. The best method to determine whether an atomizer is made of titanium or not is to find out the kind of batteries it uses.


Multiple manufacturers claim that the battery in the wax pen provides a variety of temperature regulations. Before you buy your wax pen, it’s critical to determine whether this claim is valid or false. Purchasing a product whose temperature regulation is uncontrollable may result in mediocre quality flavors and spoilage essential compounds like terpenes.

The use of Teflon in vaporizers

Teflon produces harmful fumes that may cause specific diseases. It’s wise to desist from buying wax pens that contain this product. Although most of the brands do not use Teflon, it’s critical to check that the product you want to buy doesn’t include the compound.

Atomizer material 

A variety of materials are used to manufacture wax pen atomizers. These include quartz, titanium, ceramic, copper, and others. The various materials have their weaknesses and strengths.

Titanium is popular with many due to its high-quality flavors and puffs. Due to its efficient and first-class characteristics, quartz is the best material for an atomizer. In terms of safety, ceramic atomizers are the best but don’t provide the best vapor hits.

Atomizer material

Dr. Dabber wax pens

Dr. Dabber is one of the premier companies that offer the best quality vaporizers. One of the vape pens manufactured by the firm is Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape Pen, as explained below:

Dr. Dabber Ghost vape pen

Ghost Vape Pen is a portable vape pen that features titanium atomizer, which heats both concentrates and oils. The titanium atomizer heats the elements slowly at desirable temperatures and delivers the best flavors. The hits produced at your ideal temperature are steady and uniform.

One of the attachments that come with the Ghost Vape pen is a glass globe. Unlike other vape pens that may come with low-quality glass globe attachments, Dr. Dabber’s Ghost vape is made of high-quality materials. The attachment lets you see the steam as it’s produced.

The other excellent accessories that come with this vape pen include percolator attachment and recycler pendant. The two attachments enable you to vape your wax with a little water.

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