Sad After Sex

Gender has many proven benefits to the body: It can help reduce pain, relax sleep, and reduce your immune system. Perhaps the unexpected effect on your mood makes you feel sad and blue when you cry a lot after the process is over.

This is a sadness name: Post-level disphoria (PCD). Ian Connor, a sex therapy specialist based in New York, describes PCD as the “sadness, anger, and anxiety” feeling that often leads to sex and often after orgasm. You can do this, but it also feels close with use sex toys for couple and the sex itself is pleasant. In fact, you don’t need a partner: PCD can happen during or after masturbation.

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Nudity after sex is not only a real thing, but also surprising. In a survey conducted by women in a university study published in Sexual Medicine, 46% said that they lived at least once; 5% felt sad and lonely several times in four weeks. “The close relationship between PCD and intelligence is not appearing,” say study authors. The study focuses on women, but it can also reach husbands.

In fact, the Journal of Sex and Marriage Therapy was published earlier in this month in the first research journal to predict the prevalence of PCD in men. The Australian research team conducted an online survey of more than 1,200 men, and found that almost 41% – 41% experienced PCD at some point in the last four weeks and 20%. 4% said they were PCDs regularly. “The results show that the male experience within the solution phase are often more variable, complex and complicated than previously thought,” the authors said.

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Conner believes that PCD is not read this way, but depression has to do with hormones. Especially in adult Toys for women, sex and orgasm  can release the hormone oxytocin. “It supports bonding and adhesion.” If you are having a heterosexual encounter, you will be hard with oxytocin. It makes it a reality that he doesn’t think he’s a long time partner and can trust his emotions. If your operating system is there, your sadness can show your unhappy relationship.

Sex makes us feel weak and can cause weak tears. “This is the period of focusing on gender later; “it can evoke the emotions and experiences you normally keep.” This can lead to a flood of emotions and feelings. Corner gives an example of a falling couple for the post-sex fighting model. “With the model of struggle, sex and repair, sex can feel overwhelming, on the other hand you are feeling like you are not really connected or you are still angry.”

The truth is, what happens to the dishes when you haven’t had sex for a while?

Trauma of the past can also help your sex-blues. For example, sexual assailants may feel excited if they are reminded of sexual assault. In an Australian study, PCD has been associated with sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction and psychological disability in men. The basis of people is about how the couple feels about themselves, and if the couple, hopefully, does not cure, they will go into depression after sex.

“This is a good reason to see a therapist who can help you work indirectly,” says Conner, if you live with PCD and why not. He also says that by masturbating with orgasm and moving forward, you can get an idea of what you are feeling emotionally. If you are crying, laughing or having sexual reactions later, know that it is worth the feeling you feel.

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