3 Reasons Health Is The Most Important Issue for Women in Business

health issue for women in business

Lately, there has been a lot of focus on empowering women to be successful in their business ventures. Humanity is certainly working hard on removing any historic barriers and we are opening the doors to opportunity and education for women more than ever before. That is all wonderful and empowering, but some businesses do tend to forget about a woman’s health

There are many women-specific diseases and some diseases that are women more likely to suffer from. What doesn’t contribute to women’s health is the tendency of women to often postpone their annual exams due to daily obligations they have. This certainly has to change and more businesses should put focus on women’s health too. Let’s take a look at some women-specific diseases and why health is the most important issue for women in business. 

There are Health Issues Specific to Women

This is the first reason why health is highly important for women in business. There are diseases specific to women and women are more likely to suffer from some illnesses simply because they are women. The biggest issue here is that women tend to postpone their annual examinations and put others before themselves, both at home and in business. 

Heart diseases are common in both sexes, but according to research in the US, heart diseases cause one in every four deaths among women. Women don’t even realize this disease is a threat to them, and some don’t even notice it when a heart attack occurs. This is mainly due to the symptoms being completely different than in men. That is why women should focus on examining their hearts more often. 

Breast-related health issues are also more common in women than in men. Women are at a higher risk of getting a breast infection or mastitis than men. Additionally, breast cancer occurs in women more frequently than in men since it occurs in the lining of the milk ducts. Due to these higher risks of breast health issues, women should never skip breast examinations and mammograms. 

Last but not least, women are more likely to suffer from gynecological issues. Even though monthly bleeding and discharge are normal in the menstrual cycle, periods could bring additional symptoms which is a sign of disease. Women’s reproductive organ is more sensitive than those in men, which means that women can easily develop various infections and other gynecological health issues. Not to mention how women are at a higher risk of having ovarian and cervical cancer. That is exactly why gynecologists are emphasizing the importance of a Pap smear. 

Health is a Woman’s Center of Gravity

It is a fact that women are at a higher risk of experiencing health issues than men. Additionally, women are more prone to neglecting their health for longer than men. This is due to the daily obligations and stress women have to go through, still. However, all women should remember that their health is their center of gravity and that is important if they want to climb their business leaders. When we are healthy and in peak condition, we are more likely to make better decisions and focus on what’s important in life. And if your health is unbalanced, and ignored, you are constantly using your energy on staying focused instead of using that energy on promotions, work, family, and friends. 

Your Health is Your Ticket to the CEO suit

There are a lot of things in your career that can guarantee you an amazing position in the company. There is hard work, great decisions, and dedication. However, health can also impact your progress in your career. When you don’t care about your health it results in your body weight. Studies have shown that people tend to tolerate men CEOs who are obese more than they do women who are slightly overweight and in the same position. There is still that ugly double standard, but essentially the message here is that everyone should take care of their health. And as a woman, if you do want to climb that ladder more easily, you should take good care of your health to prevent the stress from getting to your weight and thus impacting your corporate climb. This is an ugly double standard, but this is something to keep in mind that can truly help you advance in your career. 

Even though women are progressing in the business world now more than ever, there are still obstructions and way too much hard work involved than is required from men. There are double standards in place, but one thing is for sure – if you take care of your health, you will manage to more easily focus on your career.