How to opt for the right Flowermate Vaporizer


Flowermate vaporizers offer a wide variety of products which cater to both dry herb and liquid use. With many options comes the difficulty of choosing the right one. Although all of the products in the catalogue might seem very different and complicated to understand, they have more in common than meets the eye.

Most if not all models are equipped with the signature borosilicate glass mouthpiece which also cools down the vapour cloud making it more efficient at higher temperatures. The other noteworthy features include a ceramic heating bowl, auto shut off feature to save battery life and a quick vapour delivery time.

The vast array of choices can be narrowed down based on various features associated with it, and they can also be categorised differently on the basis of this.


Based on battery life and performance, Flowermate vaporizers are distributed into three different categories.

  • The full-size models are the largest of the catalogue and claim to work for about 2.5 hours. This is more than enough for somebody who vapes regularly. The V5.0S, V5.0X and V5.0 pro variants fall under this category.
  • Next come the mini versions, though smaller than the full-size models, they still boast a 75-minute battery life. The mini models are categorised with mini in their name.
  • The last of them come with the benefit of being equipped with replaceable batteries. They last for about an hour in total. The Nano and Slick models are a part of this category.

Heat Setting

Heat settings differ widely in the models and are one of the main attributes of a Flowermate vaporizer. Some of them have limited options, but others come with enough ranges to satisfy the needs of an avid user.

  • The models which are followed with an S in their name have only three temperature settings ranging from 385˚ Fahrenheit to 415˚ Fahrenheit with a 15˚ Fahrenheit interval in them.
  • The Slick model has a similar three temperature setting with a slightly higher range starting at 385˚ Fahrenheit and ending at 420˚ Fahrenheit with a 400˚ Fahrenheit option.
  • The models that follow an X in their version have a lower starting temperature of 355˚ Fahrenheit and ending temperature of 410˚ Fahrenheit with four steps of 10˚ Fahrenheit each. This provides a better option for enthusiasts.
  • Lastly, the ones that are referred to as Pro and the Nano model have a pinpoint temperature accuracy with the temperature ranging from 104˚ Fahrenheit to 446˚ Fahrenheit with 1˚ Fahrenheit steps.

Another technological quirk comes with the mini Flowermate vaporizers as they can also be used as a portable charger for other devices. All of the models, however, take almost 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge. They are all provided with a fast-charging unit to charge them quicker.

Colour options are far more than their alternatives available in the market and range from a single colour option in the Slick model to six colour options in the V5.0S model.

The contents of the box usually include 

  • The Flowermate vaporizer Unit
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Liquid container 
  • Stainless steel container for dry herbs
  • Stainless Steel screen for mouthpiece and chamber
  • Adapter or charger
  • Cleaning equipment and accessories
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Wrapping it up: Easy differentiation of models explained above should provide a better understanding and help with the choice of vaporizer one wants to opt for. With a low price range of 129 Australian Dollars, the V5.0S seems to be a good entry range Flowermate vaporizer with the required options and can prove to be a relevant addition to a user’s set of devices.

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