Everything That There Is To Know About ไข่สั่น

egg shake

Sex toys have become one of the essential parts of the bedroom, without which the story of pleasure will be simply boring and plain. The utility of sex toys has rather exemplified many couples’ sex life and continues to do so. 

The need for sex toys has prompted the industry to come up with new concepts and ways to mechanize new kinds of toys. One of them is a vibrating egg, or rather the ไข่สั่น

In this article, we will discuss what wonder the love egg is and how to use it so that you and your partner can have unmountable and adventurous sex. 

What Is An Egg Vibrator, Or Love Egg?

The love egg goes by the name of egg vibrator. The egg vibrator is a kind of sex toy that has a small posture shaped like an egg. The egg-like guise makes it easier to handle the whole gadget. Though the exterior is tiny, it creates on the user a stance that cannot be broken. 

It has the function of a vibrator in various patterns. Depending on which egg vibrator you are buying, the number of patterns for vibration will vary. It can be used on both partners as it is good for stimulating sensation in erogenous spots. 

The best thing about the vibrator is that it can be inserted, in other words, used for penetration while stimulating tremors in the vaginal opening to make the person feel the orgasmic sensation. 

Types Of Egg Vibrators Or Love Egg:

You will find various egg vibrators depending on the structure, function, and vibrating patterns. Each egg vibrator will create a different sensation. 

  • The classic egg vibrators: The egg vibrator is the classic one that comes with one egg. It is used to stimulate sensation in the erogenous spot. 

Generally, they come with a battery and several vibrating patterns. It can be used for insertion as well as for generating incitation at the point. 

  • dual egg vibrator: This particular egg vibrator comes with two components. Instead of one, this sex toy has two and is interconnected with each other. 

It can be used while having intercourse with your partner as one end can be inserted inside you while the other end can be inserted inside your partner. It will generally stimulate both of you. 

It is eligible for dual penetration. Apart from this, it comes in a variety of different pulsating patterns that can be employed for each partner differently. 

  • Wireless egg vibrators: This sextoy is the best example of advanced technology. The wireless output allows the user to control it through the smartphone. 

It can be connected to your phone and can allow you to operate it using the phone. Your phone becomes the remote. You can use it for masturbation as well as give it to your spouse. 

He can make the situation playful, give your partner the authority to generate the vibrator whenever he feels like it, and unlock a realm full of adventure.

  • Egg sleeves: Egg sleeves are an instrument that comes in the shape of a wrapper. It is used to wrap around the egg. 

The texture of the wrap will provide the egg with a textured exterior for more feel and fun. It is primarily used for added incitation. 

How To Use The ไข่สั่น?

Using this particular sex toy is very easy. You may follow the below instruction. 

  • You have to set the mood first. You have to play soft music and light the candles. If you want to take a bath, then do that. 

The main reason behind doing this is that you have to be comfortable enough to use it. The atmosphere is very crucial. So do whatever makes you at ease. 

  • Keep water-based lube near you. You need to lube to make the process of insertion easy. If you want a more rough sensation, then skip this step. 
  • Now you have to take the egg vibrator and insert it in places where you want. We suggest you start by rubbing it around the places that arouse you. 

In other words, incite your erogenous spots so that you can build up the sexual tension in the room. The more you tease yourself or let your partner tease you, the better orgasm you would sense. 

The best way is to provide a light tremor to the clit as it will generate a cosmic sensation. Make sure to insert it only at the end. Because one comes to a climax after insertion. 


The ดิลโด้ can be used on both partners as it has multipurpose usage. You can use it during masturbation as well as during sex. But make sure that you clean it after each usage using lukewarm water.