Most Important Full Bodyweight Exercises

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Today, our lives are driven by technology, and we are gradually becoming more and more dependent on it. To some extent, it is good, but when we are completely into it, then it is a problem. We even entertain ourselves using our mobiles and gadgets. Hence, there is no scope for physical activities in our daily lives. This eventually leads to many lifestyle diseases. Thus, we need to do workouts and exercises.

But at the same time, we understand that not everybody has time to go to the gym, and some of us don’t have access to a good gym. But you don’t have to worry about this, here, we will discuss some best exercises for which you don’t need any equipment and that you can do at your home. Take a look.


First, the primary exercise that a person can do without any equipment is cardio. There are umpteen numbers of interesting bodyweight cardio exercises. You can make a circuit of 5 exercises with 10 seconds rest, starting with spot jumping, jumping jacks, high-knees, butt kicks, and burpees.

Do every exercise for 50 seconds and take 10 seconds rest. Do the whole circuit three times, and this is equal to two k.m. run. If your goal is to be healthy only, you can do this twice daily as it will hardly take half an hour of your day.


If you want to build strength and gain some muscles, pushups are very important. Again, there are different forms of pushups to hit different muscle groups. Pushups primarily develop chest muscles, and shoulders and triceps are secondary. If you are a beginner, then you must try to focus on the technique rather than a number of repetitions. Also, you must do normal, inclined, and decline pushups only.

The advanced ones can go with archer push ups, clap pushups, wide-close jump push ups, diamond pushups, and many more. You might need a pushup bar when you reach the pro stage to challenge yourself. You can grab them at Walmart After Christmas to save many bucks.

For Core

The abdomen is perhaps the most popular area of the body, which everyone wishes to be in proper shape. Also, it is one of the areas which develops at a slow pace. Most people tend to miss the whole abdomen while performing core exercises. The majority of them tend to skip lower abdomen exercises. You must try exercises like isometric hold, leg raises, plank twist, Russian twist, etc.

The Back

Back is one of the most difficult areas to develop without weights, but not impossible. You can perform exercises like angel flyes, seal push ups, superman hold, alternate leg and arm raises, etcetera. The idea is to create tension in back muscles. To make these exercises more challenging, you can decrease the pace of exercise and increase the time under tension.


While most people refrain from doing leg workouts, they must keep in mind that the legs are the most important muscle groups that help perform several tasks in our daily lives. Bodyweight exercises include squats, jump squats, lunges, jumping lunges, Bulgarian squats, single-leg calf raises.

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