Natural remedies for throat infection

throat infection

The increasing pollution has increased air-borne issues among the population. Several throat issues are arising every day. The most common one is a sore throat. Numerous reasons are leading problems like to tonsils and swollen throat glands. Sore throat or throat infection can be very annoying and painful.


Before studying anything about throat infection, you must know the common causes for it.

Here are some reasons that cause Throat Infection:

An acute cough can be caused due to illness like the common cold, flu, etc. On the other hand, a chronic cough is caused due to diseases like asthma, GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux disease), and human activities like smoking and even due to some medications.


It is necessary to treat throat infection or consult a nearby ear nose and throat doctor. Not doing so will only make the condition worse.

Here are some remedies to help throat infection:


Ginger is the most common remedy for throat infection. It is readily available in every home. It is best consumed with tea; it might make the drink a little strong but will quickly soothe the throat and gives relief from irritation. Just a small spoon of crushed ginger while preparing tea and enjoy a warm and soothing drink!


Honey is the traditional remedy for throat infection in every household as it contains antibacterial properties. You can consume a spoonful of honey with a glass of warm water or even have it raw. Just have one or two spoonfuls daily, and it will soothe the inflammation and throat ache.

Warm Water

Warm water has been the most effective way of relief from sore throat. Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor recommend warm boiled water as it is free from bacteria. It even soothes our throats. You can also use a pinch of salt in warm water and use it to gargle as it reduces the swelling of the throat.

Stay Hydrated

It is essential to stay hydrated to get rid of throat infection. When you are dehydrated, your body doesn’t create enough saliva. This increases inflammation and throat ache. Stay away from products that dry your throat like chewing gums, alcohol, smoking, etc.. Keep drinking warm liquids to give a relief to dry throat.

Take steam

Steam has proven to be one of the most effective remedies in case of cough and cold. You can even take a steam bath; this not just helps your nose but also reduces congestion in the throat. You can easily do it using a utensil, boil the water in a container and add a spoon of Vicks Vaporub. This fills the steam with menthol, which will help you clear your nose and throat. Remember to cover yourself with a towel and take deep breaths leaning over the boiling water container.


With these natural remedies, it is necessary to take some precautions to prevent the infection from getting worse.

  • Avoid frozen food and cold drinks- The first significant precaution is to avoid the consumption of frozen or chilled products altogether. Chilled beverages trigger throat infection and increase the bacteria causing it. This can worsen the condition and even lead to other diseases or high fever at times.
  • Take rest- Rest doesn’t just include lying down in bed but even resting your throat, avoid talking loudly or screaming. This can scratch your inner throat linings, causing a burning sensation and ache.
  • Avoid dust- Dust can irritate and is an open invitation to germs and bacteria, causing infection. Cover your mouth while travelling or even walking through the streets. Smoke and dust particles are present everywhere these days so try to take reasonable precautions.

Even after these measures, there is no betterment or reduce in infection or pain, consult an Ear nose and throat doctor. It is necessary to consult the doctor at the right time; antibiotics are required to treat an infection if there is no relief with these natural remedies.

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