CBD for Muscle Building

Everyone has their own body goal journey that they hope to start.  One way people want to transform their body is through building muscle and toning definition.  This type of body modification can be stressful and difficult to achieve.  A way that muscle building enthusiasts have been coping with the stress and the pain is […]

6 Myths that Make Vapers Cringe

Vaping may be relatively new, but it certainly didn’t take long for the hobby to garner a ton of hate. While some concerns about vaping might be valid, others are – at best – misunderstandings and – at worst – just plain ignorant. Whether it’s baseless claims of health risks from flawed research, or mean-spirited generalizations, […]

Where Should Vaping be Allowed?

As vaping steadily grows in popularity, it is important to discuss what the social norms are surrounding this activity, and where should vaping be allowed or shouldn’t be allowed. After all, vaping is proposed as a healthier alternative to smoking, and as an effective way for nicotine users to indulge without having to take smoke […]