Start a pharmaceutical business – Considerations, Features and more

pharmaceutical business

Aspects you should keep in mind when opening a pharmacy

When we have in mind to start a pharmaceutical business, we must take into account some important factors; both legal and market research, however it is a very profitable business that, despite the issue of schedules and management, offers many economic benefits and professional and labor growth. Of course, like any new business, we must advise ourselves very well to minimize the possible risks that we could face when we make the decision to open a new business, and even more so when it comes to the health sector.

Legal considerations

It is necessary that we first review the legal terms that normalize pharmacies, in addition to knowing the requirements of the health regulatory entity in each country, since regulations may vary, however at a general level, you should know that a drugstore must be at a minimum distance of 75 meters from another, among other considerations.

It is well known that in order to carry out this work we must have a certification that accredits us to be able to offer this service, depending on the services that are going to be provided, such as: injectology, supply of medications, medical formulas, recommendations for diseases, basic opinions, among others, because it must have the proper certification issued by an institution of trust by the regulatory entities.

In addition to this, studies such as marketing and customer service will not be enough to improve the quality of the service of our pharmacy in addition to the training to which each of the personnel belonging to the business must attend.

General considerations

This aspect brings together entities such as suppliers and initial investment capital, for this you can take into account that they can vary, however we must be clear about this before starting, it is what we call the previous study, which corresponds to inquire about what they are The main suppliers and partnering with them, also at the beginning, these emporiums may take the best advantage, but that is where our perseverance and love for the business makes us grow and make the most of it.

A minimum capital, according to entrepreneurs with experience in the management of pharmacies, is around 15 thousand dollars and 20 thousand, this data will serve us for the initial general assortment. Among the expenses we must consider the lease or purchase of the establishment that must have a minimum of about 25 square meters, the hiring of the staff, in case it is the owner of the business who attends, we must consider hiring a minimum for a client management assistant and of the assortment, among some additional tasks that by occupation do not allow us to take charge.

Attending the business

This business demands high schedules. From experience of experienced druggists, it can be evidenced that if you do not have extended hours, from 8am to 10pm and from Monday to Sunday you run the risk of reducing the number of customers, because it is a business that demands, always find it open Due to this, we must take into account the cleanliness of the premises and the conditions of the appearance of the pharmacy, ensuring that it is always in the best conditions and has at least two people who are responsible for both customer service and Stock management.

To consider

We cannot forget that this, like all, is a risk business from which we must learn, because according to experts, how it works in the first days after opening, you can determine the success or failure of our pharmacy, this leads us to the need to carry out a very good study before starting the project; having all these considerations in mind, but yes, never be afraid of failing, because many times we start a project out of fear and deprive ourselves of the experience offered by setting up our own business.

Here are a series of key aspects to ensure the basic strength with which you can start your business.

● Inquire the laws of our locality on the regulation of pharmacies

● know our suppliers

● study the total investment very well

● choose a good point for the premises

● know that we must respect the schedules

● have at least two people to attend our pharmacy.

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