The Most Effective Personal, Rechargeable Air Purifiers


Why the AirTamer A310?

The AirTamer Air Purifier is a small and compact personal air ionizer that effectively eradicates atomic sized airborne pollutants and allergens from your surrounding air.

Sized reasonable at 1.8 by 3.5 inches, it is very lightweight and compact, performs with efficacy, irrespective of being quite sleek at only 0.8 inches of width.

For the best results, it should be worn around your neck in any polluted environment that you find yourself in, from a smog-filled city street or being in the close vicinity of smokers, to traveling on an airplane or on public transport, to protect your lungs against ultrafine hazardous airborne viruses while also shielding you from pet dander and cloying fragrances.

The AirTamer A310 is FCC certified for airline safety, so you can travel hassle-free by air wearing this around your neck. It will effectively protect you from catching the common cold or flu through viruses that are commonly concentrated in confined spaces like plane cabins.

Neither does it release any harmful EMF emissions, nor does it exhibit any significant or detectable ozone levels. At only 4 parts per billion, the AirTamer Air Purifier is more than 10 times lower than the EPA’s recommended 50 parts per billion restriction on ozone emission from electronic equipment.

A single USB charge shall power this handy little rechargeable ionizer for over 150 hours of continuous use, so you have absolutely no excuse not to keep it on and working towards cleansing your personal airspace all day long. It also comes with an adjustable conductive lanyard that significantly increases battery life and enhances performance. There is an additional breakaway feature just in case you have to take it on and off quickly.

How does the AirTamer A310 work?

The AirTamer Air Purifier will create an approximately 3-feet wide radius of cleaner, safer air around you, whenever and wherever you switch it on.

It functions through its state-of-the-art electrostatic purification system which generates over 2 million healthy negative ions per cubic centimetre per second from the tiny black brush at the top surface of the device. These ions propel upward and away from the AirTamer so it is necessary to have the device close to you while facing up or towards you, if not around your neck.

Due to their electrostatic charge, the emitted negative ions consequently attach themselves to airborne pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and viruses, bacteria and mould spores attached to water vapor.

Right after this, the airborne contaminants are rapidly attracted to positively charged surfaces in the vicinity, like windows, tables and walls. As they are no longer freely floating in the air, they are out of your breathing air and you are out of harm’s way, as you will no longer inhale the toxic air into your lungs where the pollutants do their damage.

Final verdict?

Compact and lightweight? Check.

Advanced and effective ionic technology? Check.

Rechargeable and highly energy efficient? Check.

The AirTamer A310 ticks all the correct boxes of attributes that an ideal wearable air purifier should have, thereby making it the best available personal air purifier, exclusively provided by GlobalKart in India. If you are someone with a pre-existing respiratory problem or someone who travels a lot or spends the better half of their days outdoors, invest in this effective rechargeable, personal air purifier for a healthier life.

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