Regeneration Therapy and Mini Lift for a Younger Looking You

regeneration therapy


Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP, is a tissue regeneration therapy that uses the patient’s own concentrated blood platelets and bioactive proteins. The treatment activates stem cells and releases growth factors, which triggers skin and tissue repair, which restore volume, hydration and a beautiful glow using the body’s natural healing powers.


The process commences with a consultation where the patient meets a member of the team to discuss concerns, expectations and appropriate skin treatment plan. Usually for optimal skin regeneration and for more advanced skin problems the patient will be recommended to schedule an initial course of three treatment sessions spaced over 12 weeks.

The next step is to create the PurePRP, which takes about 20 minutes. The creation starts with a blood sample from the patient which is centrifuged in a state of the art device to separate and harvest plasma, platelets, anti-inflammatory white blood cells and bioactive proteins. This is collected and injected back into the patient’s skin and tissue in the desired areas.

During the treatment patients experience a mild inflammation and swelling which will settle within 48 hours. Post treatment the area may be swollen for up to 72 hours but should settle down as the body resorbs the fluid. Post treatment care instructions should be followed carefully

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To maintain the anti-ageing benefits, refresher sessions are recommended every 6-12 months.


Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the most popular procedures as it can address a variety of cosmetic and lifestyle concerns, including: stimulating natural collagen, restoring healthy cellular function, plumping and smoothing acne scarring, regenerating blood vessels and nerves in intimate areas, encouraging healthy and strong vaginal tissue to assists with post-menopause atrophy and urinary incontinence symptoms and reducing hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth.


Most men worry about the size of their penis and wonder how to get a bigger penis. Thankfully CALIBRE offers a male enlargement procedure without surgery which is designed to noticeably increase erect and flaccid penis width.

The treatment involves the painless injection of dermal fillers just beneath the skin of the penis. Each patients results vary but on average a 15ml package will increase flaccid penis circumference by an inch, which is approximately 0.5 to 0.7 inches when erect. Larger volumes may increase flaccid length due to the extra weight. The results are immediate, long lasting (up to 2 years) and can be performed during an hour in-clinic session.


Starting with a confidential doctor consultation, a highly trained and experienced member of staff will discuss the intimate procedure, explain the treatment, take measurements and develop a treatment plan. One to three sessions are usually recommended. This is also the time where the patient can ask questions, address concerns, discuss expectations and likely outcomes. It is important to manage realistic expectations and aim for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Three to four days before the procedure patients must avoid blood thinning and anti-inflammatory medications and trim their pubic hair. On the day of the procedure patients need to arrive 15 minutes before their appointment in order to apply numbing cream. The dermal fillers are laced with lidocaine which numbs the area and are carefully injected into the penis and then using a smooth micro-cannula it is moulded into shape.

The procedure takes between 30 to 90 min depending on the amount of product required. These fillers are naturally integrated into the penile tissue after 2 weeks and then slowly metabolized and resorbed by the body. Patients may experience some tenderness but can generally return to normal daily activities straight after the procedure. It is important to follow the post care advice.


The procedure is designed to increase the width of the penis. Approximately a 15ml package achieves about a one-inch increase in the flaccid penis circumference, this results in approximately 0.5-0.7 inch increase when erect.  For two weeks after the treatment the filler can be manipulated and smoothed into shape. After 2 weeks the fillers are integrated into the penile tissue. The fillers are expected to last between 18-24 months but may require small top ups to maintain the desired results.


A mini face lift also known as a s-lift is aimed at people between 45 and 55 years old. The name is from the ‘S’ shaped cuts which are made in front of the ear during the procedure. Through these incisions the underlying tissue is lifted to give a more youthful appearance. The recovery time is quicker, the procedure is less invasive, a general anaesthetic is not required, the surgery can be combined with other procedures to maximise results, there is lower risk of complication and lower cost.


The first step is to book a consultation with Dr Oates. During the consultation Dr Oates will discuss the procedure and determine if the patient is a suitable candidate.

If suitable the patient starts their pre-operative care program which is a course of glycolic peels to prepare the patients skin for surgery. This is delivered by the nurse and dermal therapist team.

The S-Lift is performed at the Academy Day Hospital under twilight sedation combined with local anaesthetic. During the two-hour surgery the S shaped incisions are made to the front-of-ear creases enabling the deeper layer of soft tissue to be tightened and elevated. Bandages are applied on completion of the surgery.

Following the surgery, the patient is kept in the recovery room for 1-2 hours before being able to be escorted home. The following day the patient returns to the clinic in order for the nurse to remove the bandages and apply a facial garment that is specifically designed for the S-Lift recovery purpose.

Patients are recommended to take 10-14 days should be off work following their surgery. Five to six days after surgery the stitches will be removed at the Academy Clinic by the team. If the patient has a high amount of swelling, Dr Oates may recommend that the facial garment is worn for an extra week during sleep. Following the procedure, a maintenance program will be recommended by your dermal therapist.


The results are excellent giving the patient a more youthful appearance.

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