Brief Description over speech and its disorder

Speech therapy

What is speech?

Speech is a vocal communication of a human for speaking language. Every language has a combination of vowels and consonants that form a proper word. Whenever you are dealing with other persons, you are using speech to ask a question or to communicate for any of the topics, or you are giving some orders this entire are happen while using the expression.

Speech has more importance in our life whenever you are thinking about your future, and you have to express some unique things on a particular day. You can attract or engaged opposite people with your unusual or individual thoughts.

What happens if you have a speech disorder?

A speech disorder is a type of autism in which you cannot say a proper word, or you can say autism affect the person to form the correct words. Stuttering is one of the most knowing speech disorders. Speech disorder always affects personal growth. Like you have children, and they have the creativity to do something, but they cannot express themselves by using speech. Apraxia is a part of speech disorder in which they affect the parts of the brain related to speaking. Dysarthria is also a part of speech disorder in which muscle of mouth is a week, and it’s difficult to move.

For example:- Parents have a two baby one is a boy, and another one is girl both have the same age, parents notice that girl is speaking a healthy baby in 15 months, but boy is not talking like that. Then they go for an assessment. Here assessment refers to a small test in which therapist take a standard test for the baby or adult in which they can tell about the issue why his or her child is not behaving like a normal boy or girl.

After doing all the test, then the therapist can make a list of all the problems of a child. After that, they can describe all issue to the parents and also give some proper suggestions to do, which is better for their child.

What are the leading causes of Speech disorder?

  • Most of the time, loss of speech as well as delays in expression due to physical disruption in the mouth.
  • Many of the cases are in favor of brain damage. Due to this, it has a primary effect on speech. 
  • Muscle weakness is also a primary cause of speech disorder
  • Paralyze in the vocal cord.
  • Autism affect
  • Oral cancer affect
  • As the child develops, this imbalance becomes more significant, and the two hemispheres can never fully function as one.

What are the main Symptoms of Speech disorder?

· Most of the cases, people have a problem with repeating sounds.

· Adding too many sounds and words

· While talking, making jerky movements.

There are some simple steps to promote the physical and mental well-being of children.

  • Floor: – Floor is a better field for the child. They can do crawling and creeping in his way; this is a better way to develop a brain.
  • Neurological Growth: – Parent can allow their child to freely move and explore his environment, which is possible if your child in the floor, without any physical restrictions caused by like a walker and car seats.
  • Movement: – More of the movements of your child in early stages help to develop their brain.
  • Less use of gadgets: – In this modern era, everybodyis spending more timing on devices like if you have a small child, you can give gadgets to little Childs instead of playing natural games. More of the gadgets can affect your child physical growth.
  • Physical activities: More of the physical activities your child plays and develops themselves like. A child plays fireworks for the brain, its help for the child to develop socially and emotionally.
  • Outdoor activities: Give your child a better environment like they have to play outdoor games like cricket, badminton, tennis it’s all help to develop your child physically as well as mentally.
  • Nutrition: Nutrition is also a central part of our life without this, you, and your child cannot develop appropriately like food and milk is the best supplement for the entire person.
  • Five meals in a day: – It’s mandatory to give five meals in a day like three balanced meals and two snacks.
  • Healthy home environment: – No use of chemical for cleaning purpose and better air circulation at home.

How Speech therapy work for Speech disorder children?

It’s a fundamental question for those who are suffering from a Speech disorder. If you are treating your child in a therapy center like iiahp, parents and their Childs are very comfortable. The environment should be right so that children can feel comfortable and parents also. Latest techniques are adopting for the child; then its shows a better result. Then all the parents have to do is to follow the therapist instruction what they said and what schedule and nutrition plan they tell you, and do not miss a day while your child on the treatment stage.

Speech therapy work on every child in unique ways as every child does not have the same autism. A professional therapist always suggests you through exercise. Now it also depends on what therapy center you choose. 

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