Types of Cardboard Boxes For Your Business Packaging

Cardboard Boxes

The packaging of your business has great importance, much higher than you think. Not only does it fulfill the function of transporting a product or food, but it is also key to achieving customer satisfaction, and it also helps enormously to improve your brand image.

Therefore, we must give it the importance it deserves. Here, we are going to review the different types of cardboard boxes for the packaging of your business that you have available. In this way, you can choose the one that best fits your business model, with the products that you have to transport and with your needs. It will help choose the most suitable custom printed 60ml bottle packaging for liquid and fluid products.

First of all, what is the packaging?

Packaging is the presentation letter of a product, and it will be the first thing the customer perceives of the product that goes inside, so it directly affects the first impression they will have, becoming an element that can add great value to your brand.

Its main objectives are to save and secure the product until its destination, but, in addition, it must have an original, attractive, and impressive design that is capable of capturing the customer’s attention. Likewise, it can be of great information to the customer. The reason is that it can include the characteristics of the product that goes inside. Other important details can be the expiration date, ingredients, steps to preserve it, etc.

Now that you know what packaging is, let’s see the cardboard packaging boxes that you have available. We help you choose the best packaging for your business.

Discover and choose the best boxes for packaging.

You will not need the same packaging if you have a restaurant as a shoe store. That is why we have a wide variety of packaging boxes to choose from.

Food boxes

We have a large selection of cardboard food boxes, in which you will find boxes for all kinds of different foods.

Packaging for wine boxes

We have the best packaging for wine boxes, being able to choose between different cardboard boxes depending on the number of bottles you intend to store, which will guarantee that the wine reaches its destination in perfect condition. We have boxes for one, two, three, or six bottles.

Packaging for taking away

If you have a takeaway restaurant, we have the takeaway packaging you need. Highly resistant boxes, which will keep food in perfect condition, and also have an attractive design. They are the best protection for your food.

Packaging for pizza

We also have the perfect pizza packaging, made with high-strength double cardboard, which will keep the pizzas hot, and an original white design with the word “pizza” and pizza slice motifs.

Packaging for fruits and vegetables

Likewise, packaging plays a fundamental role in greengrocers and greengrocers. We know it, and we have a specific packaging for fruits and vegetables. It is characterized by its resistance to weight and also to humidity. With it, your fruits and vegetables will arrive fresh and in perfect condition.

Packaging for shoes

If you have a shoe store, you will find the right packaging for shoes. We have specific boxes for men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes, with different sizes, which adapt to any shoe and will keep it perfectly protected.

If you have a shoe store, you will find the right packaging for shoes. We have specific boxes for men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes, with different sizes, which adapt to any shoe and will keep it perfectly protected.

Packaging for mobile phones

If you dedicate yourself to the repair of mobile phones, surprise your customers with our packaging for mobile phones, with which they will have the feeling of having bought a new phone. They are die-cut cardboard boxes with an exclusive design, with plastic protection that prevents the movement of the phone and keeps it fully protected.

Packaging for bicycles

We adapt to your needs, and we even have packaging for bicycles. Large boxes made of double Kraft cardboard, which are highly resistant, and allow you to store and transport any bicycle in perfect condition, in complete safety, and without causing any damage.

Packaging for e-commerce

Likewise, we have a great variety of boxes for e-commerce packaging, and it is that online stores are the ones that make the most use of cardboard boxes, being essential to send each of their products.

On the one hand, we have American boxes with flaps, which require a seal to close them. They are the most used boxes over time, being a guarantee.

And on the other, die-cut e-commerce boxes, the best option for companies that sell their products over the Internet. This type of boxes, unlike the American ones, does not need a seal to mount them, as they are self-assembling, also providing presence and style to your shipments.

Custom box packaging

In case no box fits what you are looking for, you need a specific format or size, we are at your disposal to make your packaging of boxes to measure. You can choose the type of cardboard, the color, and the size, thus ensuring that it will fit what you are looking for and adapt to your needs.

You already know, we have the best packaging for your business, which will keep the products perfectly protected and show the best image to customers. And if you have any questions, contact us without obligation. We will advise you and help you choose the best packaging.

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