Coronavirus safety guidance: need for rooted sanitation system for vehicles

coronavirus safety

The pandemic has brought up the need to stay aware of anybody who enters your premises, apartments, society, or even your workplace. According to the recent guidelines and safety measures, every individual has to get their temperature checked before entering any public place. People with even slightest symptoms are not welcomed and are asked to get their tests done. 

The coronavirus outbreak has made it mandatory to wear masks and wash hands regularly. Despite the precautions, thousands of COVID-19 cases are recorded every day. The risk of infection continues—it increases by coming in contact with an infected person or object. Nevertheless, we exchange a lot of things daily. Well, small objects can get sanitized easily but what about the heavy objects, such as a vehicle? 

Why does society need vehicle sanitation?

Do you think it is possible to keep track of how many cars enter in your society, apartments, or your tech park every day and where these vehicles come? There are thousands of companies and communities where hundreds of people visit on a daily basis. It is the company’s or community’s responsibility to keep them safe. Small companies can keep track and ensure that not many vehicles enter their building. What about companies like Microsoft, TATA Motors, IBM, Ernst & Young, and other MNCs? 

We might cover our faces, but that doesn’t decrease the risk. Sanitation for vehicles is of utmost importance; one dead fish can spoil the whole pond. Just like one human can carry the infection and spread it, the same goes for each vehicle. The cab services like Ola, Uber, Rapido and others can tie-up with the sanitation business franchise. It will not just help them to secure the vehicle but also build trust in their customers. Quite evidently, mere washing or cleaning vehicles is not enough— vehicle sanitation services are the need of the hour. 

How to ensure personal hygiene while traveling for work?

There was a time when corporate representatives relied on services such as Ola, Uber or Meru for easy travel to work. But now, people might hesitate to take any shared rides or cabs due to the coronavirus outbreak or even welcome them on their premises. 

The cab services have been suspended due to the spread of the deadly virus. You might be wondering why? 

The transport hubs are widely regarded as infection hotspots, with virus transmission rates up to six times higher for public transport systems. Regularly, more than ten people travel in the same cab every day. Each passenger comes in contact with the car door, windows, and seats. Social distancing can go for a toss following with the concept. 

Is there a guarantee the vehicle is sanitized? 

Well, not until now! But KMV Auto Services Pvt. Ltd has launched one of the most advanced vehicle sanitation services. The company is serving its customers with an app for verification of the sanitation of vehicles they come across. Here, the user will also be able to book a sanitization session at the nearest sanitation station and the real-time data will be captured by sanitation station operators. Thus, ensuring the next passenger about the latest session.

It’s high time we understand the importance of sanitation of vehicles. 

Stay Sanitized. Stay safe!

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