Your Pocket Guide to Italian on Your Ski Holiday

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We have to admit, the British are not known for their language skills. In fact, it could be otherwise.

However, if you’ve been to Italy before, you may have learned a few phrases: forget them when you get home. This is a shame because non-English speakers are more likely to be in Italian seaside resorts than in France or Austria.

“Do you speak English?” It’s still the best option for a skiing holiday in Italy, but if the answer is clearly no, then Plan B is covered.

Here are some useful phrases to get in touch with the locals and really immerse yourself in Italian culture.

After all, what better way to make a good impression and challenge the English stereotype than with an arsenal of authentic Italian phrases.

Italian dictionaries in hand? Well, let’s get started

Your daily life

For this guide, I’m assuming you don’t speak an Italian (Italian) word yet. Before we move on to script-based translations, let’s start with some basic conversations.

Don’t worry, you are ready for your weekend riot!

Like the French “Bonjour”, “Bonjour” literally means “Hello day”. An important greeting when you want to make friends on the slopes.

In the dark, it becomes the word “Good evening” and means “good afternoon”.

A familiar way to say hello or goodbye (or even both at the same time) and probably the most common word you will hear. If you can only remember a few of these phrases, pick one.

I think it will take effect more times than you want to admit. Italians don’t expect you to be fluent in their language, but they like you if you try. So always tell me when you don’t get it.

I still think these little phrases make a big difference to the locals. Remembering the words “please” and “thank you” can be a big smile. Add “Thank you to whom” when you want an extra sound to be grateful for (literally “Thank you”).


Don’t let linguistics become an obstacle between you and the Italian cuisine you deserve after a hard day of skiing. “The waiter” (waiter) speaks English, but that shouldn’t stop you from being overwhelmed if you order an Italian coffee after your meal.

I want to book a table for two = I want to book a table for two

There is nothing more boring than waiting on the slopes for a heavenly Italian dinner after a long day and filling the restaurant. I hope this sentence helps you to spoil a loved one with the romantic dinner they deserve.

For lunch ask “We can have a table inside / outside” if you want to reserve a table indoors or outdoors.

Where is the toilet? = Where is the bathroom?

Whatever your situation, everyone should know this phrase. Coming directly from the slope, you can even fall into the snow on the restaurant floor!

I am vegetarian / vegan / gluten intolerant = I am vegetarian / vegan / gluten free

For those with more specific nutritional needs, this is often convenient when browsing through full menus.

I would like meat rare / medium / well done = I want my meat to be red/medium / well done

For other carnivores, here’s another useful phrase for browsing your preferences. You will often find waiters advising the chef on the best way to cook meat. They haven’t disappointed me yet!

Can I have perfect hot olive oil? Can I have some chilli oil, please?

  • When you think your dish isn’t spicy enough
  • If you feel indecisive …
  • What do I recommend? = What can you suggest?
  • But what if you ask the waiter to recommend food or wine? If in doubt, let the waiter choose between antipasti, pasta and main course.

They like to be questioned, especially for wine suggestions. If necessary, add it to avoid shock when the invoice arrives: ‘I don’t want to get tired of xx euros anymore’ = I don’t spend more than xx euros.

  • We can taste with some can you destroy smag?
  • Ultimately, for a more social experience, that’s how eating in Italy is!
  • A trio of first courses  first trim (pasta/risotto)
  • Usually ordered to share an assortment of different kinds of pasta.
  • Two tablespoons of Mrs Calming 2 razor blades
  • If your partner doesn’t want to order tiramisu but you know he wants yours. It’s hard to pronounce, but it must be fun to try!
  • and finally
  • Invoice please will I receive the invoice?
  • The only downside to Italian food is that you can’t eat it indefinitely! After you regret the first pimple on your breasts, it may be time to fill up.
  • Service included? = Is the service included in the price?
  • Find out if your bill needs to be recharged or added.

On Tracks

While the conversation isn’t as important as it is on the slopes, it’s almost certain that you know that the person renting the ski doesn’t speak English. To get the right ski set, you need to know how to tell them what level of skiing you are.

I am a beginner / a beginner I am a beginner (male/female)

If this is your first time on the slopes, you will surely remember it. Suddenly other skiers are doing a lot better when they realize this is their first time. Make sure you don’t notice through our bluff prep guide.

I am an average skier / an average skier = I am the leader (man/woman)

This is especially useful if you don’t want to spend all day on the slopes of a nursery during a beginner’s ski course. Of course, you must have the skills to support the demand.

I am a ski professional I am an expert (man/woman)

A phrase that will help you when someone is yelling to let you know it’s a double race for you to win black diamonds!

I’m sorry, I’m still learning I’m sorry, I’m still learning

Great for spreading hatred after an accident or accident.

I’m wrong = I’m wrong

If you are isolated from your group and don’t have a trail map, this is the perfect phrase. Of course, if someone lends you their panel, you can still read it.


No complete ski setlist would be complete without an after-ski section. For many people who come into contact with foreign languages, new phrases can be frightening, and bars are often the best time to practice when the obstacles aren’t that great. Especially when you have a nice evening at home, the following phrases will help you. Everyone should carry the best ski boots with them while skiing. This helps to get a premium level of performance.

Who do you want? What would you like to drink?

The best way to make friends is to buy him a drink. And they are even nicer if you ask them a question in Italian.

White/red wine bottle white/red wine bottle

or A glass of white/red wine glass of white/red wine

or Third / Quatro of white/red house 1/3 or 1/4 litre of white/red house wine

An introductory expression for those seeking to confront one of the most loved Italian lifestyles.

Four please Late Peroni’s task

Medium beer large beer (half a litre)

If you choose beer over wine, it will certainly help you. Remember, when wearing ski boots, always ask a friend to help you collect your drinks!

Do you have a job? Are you busy?

When you need to ask if something is built, be it a stool, a table or someone using the toilet.

We can have espresso, macchiato and bill, so take care of us? = Please drink espresso, machete and bill at the same time?

If you’re on your way to the ultimate ski lift, this is the way to go to try it all at once. Also, note that there are many other cafes in Italy, so try them all – don’t forget our guide to drinking Italian coffee – and come home with a new favourite!

Exercise is perfect

From my experience with foreign languages, I can assure you that it is difficult to learn all these phrases if you do not allow yourself to try them.

We hope that next season you will be captured on a ski trip to one of Italy’s top ski resorts and that you have the chance to try one of these sets during your summer vacation. Just tell us if other phrases will help you.

Contact us to discuss how to get started.

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