The 10 Best Ways To Smoke Cannabis

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If you prefer quiet, light hoisting or taking large amounts of smoke; you can find more than one way to inhale your favorite herb. Smoke cannabis has no restrictions. There are in fact many ways you can smoke cannabis. Although some methods are not as healthy as others, it doesn’t hurt to make it more exciting here and there.

Whether you prefer quiet, light hoisting or taking large amounts of smoke; you can find more than one way to inhale your favorite herb. However, it is difficult to say what the ultimate method is to smoke cannabis. Ultimately, what matters is what works best for you and what you enjoy. If you are looking for new ways to smoke cannabis, or simply want to see the options; know more visit

Here are the ten best ways you can smoke cannabis


If you’re a cannabis connoisseur who likes to take huge hits, hookahs are an excellent way to smoke cannabis. They are not only available in many shapes and sizes; water pipes also cause a lot of smoke with a simple lifting.

The biggest advantage of this inhalation method is that a water pipe contains water. In addition to cooling the smoke, the water also acts as a filter by minimizing things such as resin and nicotine. Another advantage of a water pipe is the fact that you can make one yourself


Glass pipes are an excellent way to inhale cannabis. They are not only easy to carry, it is also easy to smoke with. And, not to mention, they come in many colors and styles. Some even change color when you smoke it. In addition, some pipes are glow in the dark.

Although they tend to be on the small side, you can still take pretty good hoists with it. Because they are easy to carry, the pipes are a popular choice for users who are often out and about . If you are looking for a quick way to get high, a glass pipe might be the best choice for you.

Smoke Cannabis


Why not add some fruit to your smoking session? It happened like this to smoke weed in a creative and handy way. It may sound strange, but it is actually one of the most popular ways to take cannabis. Making an apple pipe is also quite easy. First grab an apple and cut a bowl at the top.

It is also important that you create a piece through which the smoke can pass. You can do this by carefully piercing the apple. All you have to do next is make a side opening for your mouth, dry the bowl, and you’re done. If you are wondering if your smoke will taste like apple; the answer is ‘yes’, and that taste is fantastic.


Ah, the joint . Almost every cannabis enthusiast knows and loves the joint. Joints in particular are one of the most inexpensive ways to consume cannabis. Not only are the papers cheap, you also do not need much weed.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about them breaking . You can also easily smoke them with one hand. Depending on the rolling papers  you buy, which can be both natural and not as natural, joints are not as rough as other cannabis consumption methods. Even cooler is the fact that you can create artwork when rolling joints, from crosses to cones .


Although blunts are a tobacco product, many people only use them for weed. People smoke blunts mainly out of discretion. Moreover, blunts come in many flavors, which is another reason why people love them.

It is also important that they last longer and are easy to roll. In addition, you can put a lot of weed in it, so that you can share something with your friends or not. However, remember that blunts contain tobacco . This makes them a less healthy cannabis consumption method.


Vaporizing is not necessarily the same as smoking, but it is nevertheless a consumption method . In fact, vaporizing is not bad for the lungs because no fire is needed. In general vaporizers heat your cannabis enough to enjoy the THC without the unnecessary smoke.


Looking for big hits, but not from a water pipe? If yes, try a steamroller . Steamrollers are usually simple, long tubes. However, there are other unique designs. The good thing about steamrollers is that you can take your cannabis quickly and easily with it. Unlike a water pipe, steamrollers do not contain water or other extras.


Hookahs are just amazing, period. Not only can multiple people smoke at the same time, they also produce tons of smoke. In fact, the hookah has been around for hundreds of years. Just like a water pipe, a hookah contains water through which the smoke is filtered. Furthermore, the pipe heads are much larger than those of a water pipe. Instead of lifting out of an open tube, the hookah has a hose that lets you smoke more casually.


Smoking with a gas mask is not something you see every day, but it is guaranteed a way to fill your body with smoke. All you do is put the mask on your face, light the bowl, and enjoy the weed that comes in your face. If you want to enjoy as much cannabis smoke as possible, then this consumption method is a way to do that.


If your everyday water pipe doesn’t give you as many hits as you want, then the gravity water pipe will definitely take you one step higher. In fact, no crazy things are needed for this water pipe. You can even make one with household items.

To make a gravity water pipe, you need a 2-liter bottle and another bottle or tube of a much larger size. You can also use your bathtub or sink. Next, carefully cut the lower part of the bottle for less than half, and place it in the large amount of water. Then make a bowl from the top of the 2-liter bottle. Finally, grab the bowl and light it while slowly lifting the bottle and filling it with smoke. Eventually you inhale a fairly massive cloud of smoke.

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