5 Benefits of Vape Against Smoking

vape smoking

As people have become more and more aware, the perception about smoking has dramatically changed. Where it once was seen as cool and classy, it has now come to be seen as abhorrent and harmful. This drastic change has led people all around the world to look for better alternatives that will not only reduce the health effects but keep providing the nicotine fix (the primary substance). Soon enough, manufacturers came up with vapes, a revolutionary medium of nicotine intake that really made a difference in the lives of regular smoker, helping them to quit the habit. Although false vaping blames are still a hindrance to the success of this technology, slowly and gradually people are coming to accept the benefits of vape smoking.

Vapes are Not as Harmful:

The main idea behind the marketing campaigns for most vape smoking accessories and vape liquids is that vapes do not lead to any serious health implications that cigarettes are so renowned for. Many manufacturers around the world have looked to capitalize on this point to attract consumers from across the globe. The strategy has proven as an effective weapon in stealing the market share from cigarettes.

Although many smokers disregard this truth shedding light on the very few incidents of battery explosion in vapes to undermine the less harmful nature of vapes over cigarettes. While other smokers might go ahead and question the evidence in light bashing the researchers on basing their conclusions on the limited evidence available for the new field of e-liquid. But, in all honesty, these false vaping blame are just excuses not to acknowledge the superiority of vapes over cigarettes and an unwillingness to change their habits.

Cigarettes consist of several carcinogenic compounds along with the nicotine fix that cigarettes provide. These compounds lead not only to significant diseases. But also to minor ones that make even the most insignificant of tasks difficult for the smoker. In addition to that, the tar in cigarettes is exceptionally harmful to vapers.


One of the most unusual features of e liquids over cigarettes is the great flexibility that vapes provide over cigarettes. The flexibility in flavor is a multi-dimensional one. The flexibility does not only mean that vapers have the choice of varying their flavors as they wish. It also means that within the thousands of flavor choices that vapers have, there exist multiple specification choices. It makes a liquid itself variable. This flexibility could not have been offered by cigarettes, even after numerous tries from the manufacturers.

The flexibility, however, is not just restricted to the flavor. The flexibility extends to touch the nicotine content. Vapes allow vapers to vary their nicotine content in accordance with what they want and what they need. Moreover, manufacturers have now come up with products to put to rest the usual complaints of vapers about vapes not having nicotine feel as high as cigarettes. These products include better and better-vaping kits and accessories and most importantly flavors with nicotine salts.

Addiction to Vape Smoking:

The biggest drawback of cigarettes is the fact that they are addictive. Once you start smoking, it is complicated to move away from the habit, and the addiction keeps on increasing at the expense of your health. This addiction, when combined with the extremely harmful nature of cigarettes, goes on to induce a plethora of diseases in the people that keep smoking because of the addiction that they fall into. Vape smoking, on the other hand, has proven to not lead to any addictions. This might be a little difficult to digest considering the involvement of substances such as nicotine, but that does not make it any less accurate.


The purpose of vape smoking is very different. Where smoking revolves around the profit-maximizing manufacturers and their selfish wishes without considering the health of their consumer base, vaping revolves around breaking the addiction of the harmful medium of nicotine intake, that is cigarettes. This way, it is evident that of both these mediums of nicotine intake, only one cares about the health of their consumer base, which hence should be consumers’ preference.


Whether smokers care about their health or not. They do care about the money that they spend. More clearly said, smokers care about the cost they incur on smoking each year. Given the heavy taxes and import duties on cigarettes introduced every next year. It is apparent that the cost keeps on increasing every year.

Several types of research have focused on the cost imposition of smoking in comparison to vaping. Where consumers tend to believe that smoking is an expensive practice. The false vaping blames are put to rest by common consensus among researchers about the fact that vapes are indeed less costly than cigarettes. Researches have even gone so further as to provide proper estimations of the amounts spent on smoking by a regular smoker and amounts spent by a regular vaper on vaping, and the results all point in favor of vapes.


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