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Let’s be honest, there are probably millions of apps currently circulating the internet and there’s only a handful that has become global successes. Apps have become a simple and effective way to make our portable lives easier. From fitness and health, through to gaming and social apps, there’s pretty much an app for everything now. Humans are such a commendable race. They’ve been able to do so well with respect to science and technology that nothing seems impossible these days. I mean, whoever thought that you could rob a bank with a mobile application! But here we are, making apps that can assist us in any department of our lives: EVEN VAPING! Today, however, we’re looking at the 5 best vape apps we came across in 2017. What are vaping apps you ask? Well, depends on what you’re after! Below are a mixed variety of vape apps that perform different tasks.

So, Let’s Take A Look At What Made Our List! – Best Vape Apps

5. Smoke-Free

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As everyone is now well aware, quitting smoking is incredibly difficult. Once your body becomes used to its daily intake of nicotine, it’s very hard to shift the habit. The Smoke-Free app has been created to help those who are trying to quit the habit.

The app initially asks you a set of targeted questions and then uses your answers to figure out the best quitting plan going forward. It has over 20 unique techniques, all of which have been trialed and tested to ensure that they help you stop smoking.

How does it do this? Simple, it’s the psychology behind the questions. For example, one part of the app allows you to see how much money you’ve saved by not buying cigarettes. This is a sure way to kickstart your smoke-free life. It also monitors how long you’ve stopped smoking for and your health benefits. If you do fancy a cigarette, simply log your craving into the app and it will give you an alternative to smoking!

4. Coil Calculator

coil calculator

This app is especially helpful for those who are trying to build their own coils for their e-cigarette. Questions such as ‘how many winding do I need?’ and ‘what’s the length of the wire supposed to be?’ are going to be common. That’s where the coil calculator comes into play. It’s able to answer all of your coil-related questions and help you build a kit that suits your needs.

All you need to do is choose the type of coil you’re using, the required resistance and then set the diameter of the coil. Once you’ve done these three simple steps, the calculator will give you your answer!

3. Vapemate


It’s hard to kick old habits, but sometimes it’s harder to keep track of what you’re trying to kick! Regardless of whether its smoking or vaping, it’s tough to keep track of how long it’s been since you quit. You might have some off days and you’ll forget to count them. No problem! Vapemate is a calculator that will help you out in the memory department, keeping track of how much you’re spending on vape supplies in comparison to your monthly cigarette budget.

If you want some extra positivity, you can also set it to see how many cigarettes you’ve avoided since quitting! This is great to remind you of how well you’re doing. Vapemate is great for keeping track of your progress and reminding you of how well you’ve been doing! 

2. Vape Boss

vape boss

If you’re looking for your own vape encyclopedia, Vape Boss is here for you. If you’re new to vaping, this is the app you need. It tells you where to find your local vape stores, trending news about the vape community and what’s going on in the vape market (new products, kits, etc).

You can also connect with like-minded vape enthusiasts through the app! It’s arguably the best app for all the vaping information you’ll ever need. It’s also constantly updated, so you’re always getting the latest vape news. It might even tell you where to find free e-liquid!

1. Ohm’s Law

ohm's low

Something that’s always been a struggle to inexperienced vapers is the concept of ohms. Now there’s no need for you to bury your head in pages upon pages of Wikipedia articles on ohms, instead, Ohm’s Law will help you out!

It’s essentially a pocket calculator that will help get the most out of your e-liquid consumption. It will work out which cartridge will help you get the most out of your e-liquid, so to save money and optimize your taste buds! This is perfect for those who worry about how much nicotine they’re intaking, the app will sort it out for you, so you don’t have to stack up to the numbers! It’s a simple and effective vape apps for all who need help in the ohm department!

Believe it or not, our generation is quite dependent on apps. To some, these vape apps may sound extremely silly, but the truth is, there is a lot of utility in all of them. The sheer convenience of being able to click a button on your smartphones and getting what you want has made life easy.

Apps have been the harbinger of joy and good fortune for a lot of people. Android and iOS mobile application have given many people new business opportunities. They have made sure that more and more people can set up and establish their own identities in the world of entrepreneurial growth.

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