5 World’s Oldest Wines to Explore

oldest wine bottles

There is a very famous saying which is like “The older the drink, the more it tastes well”. Many people think that it is true but it’s a pure misconception. The age of the wine does not predict the taste or the quality of the wine. It’s a complete myth in which people still believe it. The reality is the more wine get old, the more it becomes undrinkable. Here we have a list of some oldest wine bottles in the world which are now undrinkable. These wines are not only the oldest ones but they are also known to be the most expensive too.

Let’s get started with the oldest wine bottles!

Massandra Sherry de la Frontera

In 2001, this bottle of wine was sold in an auction in London of $43,500 that makes it the most expensive Sherry’s bottle in the whole world. This bottle of wine was made in Massandra Winery in 1775 that is situated in the Republic of Crimea and still holds a great collection of European as well as Russian wine.

Rüdesheimer Apostelwein

Apostelwein was made in 1727 in Bremer, Germany and it is known to be the rarest wines in the world because there were only 12 barrels in the cellar of Apostles. Some barrels were stored in 1683, 1717 and the final case of barrels was stored in 1727. The barrels that were stored in 1683 and 1717 were naturally destroyed and the wine was evaporated. To keep the left wine safe, Apostelwein bottled the remaining wine in 1960.

After being stored in a bottle, the 1727 Apostelwein wine was valued at $200,000. It is the most expensive wine bottle of Apostelwein and due to its high sugar; it is the only wine which is still drinkable.

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Tokaji From The Royal Saxon Cellars

Tokaji was made in the era of 1650 to 1690 and was stored in the Royal Saxon Cellars in Saxon, Germany. Only 62 bottles were sold of Tokaji in 1927 and the price in which these wines bottles were sold are still undisclosed. These 62 bottles that were sold in an auction were the oldest intact Tokaji wine bottles. These Tokaji bottles were certified by the Foundation of the House of Wettin.

Strasbourg Wine Barrel

This wine is the oldest one in France as it comes from the cellar that is situated under the Strasbourg city hospital. The barrel in which this wine is store is marked with the date of 1472 and it is still drinkable. It is been said that this wine is tasted only three times till yet. Due to the leakage in the original barrel, the wine is transferred into the new egg-shaped barrel in 2014. It is not for sold so there is no price of this wine.

Speyer Wine Bottle (Römerwein)

The world oldest wine is Speyer. It is marked with the dates 325 AD to 350 AD and it is been said that there were only 16 bottles. From which one is found till yet inside the coffin of Roman Nobleman and his wife. This wine has no price tag as it is the priceless wine in the world.

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