Treatment for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries


Asian woman patient with bandage compression knee brace support injury on the bed in nursing and medical support.

ACL injuries are more likely to occur during sudden movements or outbursts that are common in activities such as football, basketball, skiing, and soccer.

The ACL may be partially or completely damaged. Unlike most other parts of the body, ACLs cannot repair themselves. An ACL injury can be treated surgically or non-surgically.

How to Avoid Interior Cruciate Ligament Injury

The patient needs to follow the training program and the safety precautions prescribed by the orthopedic surgeon.

Symptoms of Broken ACL

Immediately after the ACL tears, people often experience knee pain, swelling, and instability. 

Seek medical attention immediately if you are afraid that your ACL has been broken. , A doctor can assess your knee and examines the alignment of your knee and your foot. 

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

During the operation, one of the orthopedic surgeons used a graft to repair the damaged ACL. The central part of the patellar tendon and the tibia and patella osteoblasts are used in anterior cruciate ligament surgery. This technique is effective for its fast recovery time.

The nucleus of the quadriceps tendon and the bone plug from the top of the patella are used in anterior cruciate ligament surgery. This type of transplant is huge and ideal for tall and heavy people or who have previously failed ACL surgery.

ACL Ligament Surgery In Jaipur is helpful for those patients who suffer from pain, previously unsuccessful ACL reconstruction, those who wish to return to sports immediately, and those who need to repair multiple ligaments are allergenic. 

 Do You Need ACL Surgery?

Severe ACL injury usually requires ACL Ligament Surgery in Jaipur to repair the ligaments. Reconstruction is the most common of these surgeries. 

Is ACL Reconstruction the Main Procedure?

ACL injuries that need to be repaired or replaced are common among athletes. ACL reconstruction helps restore the knee joint’s range of motion, function, and stability. ACL reconstruction is crucial in case of ACL damage.

Is ACL Reconstruction a Painful Procedure?

ACL injuries are serious and most often require surgery. The patient recovers after ACL surgery. It is common to experience discomfort and swelling during this period after ACL reconstructive surgery.

During surgery, the patient is anaesthetized or has a nerve block. To increase the joint space, the surgeon fills it with sterile saline. One of the orthopedic surgeons then inserts and moves the arthroscopy to see the joint from different angles. The orthopedist makes an extra small incision. The surgeon then evaluates the new graft and knee function. 

What Happens After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction?

Your doctor may prescribe compression boots and equipment for continuous passive movement (CPM) in some situations. The leg cover attached to the CPM machine can be inflated. This method works by gently squeezing your legs to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and restore knee movements.

The importance of walking and exercising in recovery cannot be underestimated. Exercise, also known as physiotherapy, usually begins shortly after surgery. The patient must first walk with a walker or crutches. Synchronized leg movements can take 4-6 months to recover. An occupational therapist will teach you how to dress, bathe and perform other daily tasks within your range of motion. It is important to follow appropriate care guidelines to ensure recovery. 

What is the Recovery Process after ACL Treatment?

In most cases, recovery will take about nine months. ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery is a short recovery process for your knee injury. Anterior cruciate ligament surgery is better than open surgery, and it’s more comfortable and less painful than open surgery. Get in touch with a surgeon near you for more information about Ligament Surgery in Jaipur.