Which is the Most Expensive Alcohol?

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Addiction by itself is quite an expensive habit to nurture. When it comes along abhorrent price tags, it is hardly bearable! Well, some people are just too rich to understand the difference between luxurious and downright obnoxious. Let’s not argue with them (wink wink)! Here’s a list of some of the world’s most luxurious alcohol bottles in the world.

Bombay Sapphire Revelation

There has never been a gin as solid and crisp as the Bombay Sapphire. But its revelation bottle is true as the name suggests. Flavors from 10 different ingredients including almond, lemon peel, licorice, angelica and others come together to form this fantastic and tasty rare gin. This limited edition range of the Bombay Sapphire is bottled in a unique sapphire shaped glass adorned with Baccarat crystal.


Goût de Diamants

Goût de Diamants in French literally means “Taste of Diamonds”. Really, is there anything else left to imagine except for the crisp and bubbly taste that could be of this elixir? The Gout the Diamants is world’s costliest champagne. Do you want to know why it’s so costly? Smack dab in the middle of the bottle sits a large authentic Swarovski crystal. Many would think it a crime to make this champagne into a cocktail, but if one had to, a mimosa would be the right choice.

The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique

The Macallan is probably the world’s favorite brands of Scotch whiskey. Its unique selling point is that it has some of the rarest and most aged whiskeys. To outdo itself in its quest for making the rarest of the rare offerings, Macallan made a single bottle of the Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique to honor the 150th anniversary of the birth of famous crystal artisan Rene Lalique. Spanish casks lent this beautiful whiskey its distinct flavor and aroma. The rare Lalique decanter makes this bottle expensive.

Royal Salute Tribute to Honour

In showing reverence and respect to the crown jewels of Great Brain: the Honors of Scotland, Royal Salute Master Blender brings the “Tribute to Honour”. This whiskey is made by blending its rarest combinations, the minimum age of which is 45 years. The bottle is a piece of art in itself. It is encrusted with 400 black and white diamonds. If there’s anyone with enough money in their pockets, this is truly what they should go for.

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Remy Martin Louis XIII Time Collection The Origin 1874

The most distinct feature of the Remy Martin Louis XIII Time Collection The Origin 1874 is the beautiful bottle. The shape of the bottle apparently represents a crown with the staff. Oddly enough, it might even remind some people of a round cushion. The Remy Martin Louis XIII Time Collection The Origin 1874 is a rich and smooth cognac popular amongst the who’s who of the world. A popular on-demand booze delivery app claims that it is the most expensive cognac that they deliver.

Dalmore 62

It is fabled to be the most expensive whiskey on earth. Dalmore 62 makers claim that they have produced only 12 bottles of this kind. This makes it incredibly rare and an absolute luxury. It is worth $215,000. A recent report indicates that an anonymous patron bought one of these rare bottles at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Legacy by Angostura

The House of Angostura is reputed to be one of the best and highest quality Rum producers of the world. This limited edition Legacy by Angostura is the world’s most costly rum. The secret to its beautiful taste is that it is a special blend of seven of the brand’s most rare and precious rums.

According to John Georges, Master Distiller, “Legacy by Angostura is the ultimate expression of Angostura rum. We set out to create the greatest sipping rum ever produced and we believe we have achieved something that is both unique and unequaled”.

Penfold’s Ampoule

It’s not just the price tag of $ 170,000 that makes this beauty a luxury. Everything about this Australian cabernet sauvignon wine is absolutely beautiful. Rare Block 42 Kalimna Cabernet Sauvignon old vine grapes make this beautiful spirit. The northern end of the Barossa Valley in South Australia is said to have a very particular flavor of their yield. This is also the world’s oldest continuously producing cabernet sauvignon vineyard. This is the land where the Ampoule comes from.

The design of the ampoule itself is such that it ensures that it can preserve the environment to maintain the integrity of this amazing wine’s flavor. The interesting thing about this wine is that its bottle doesn’t have a cork or a screw head. This means if someone ever had to open the bottle, they will have to finish off the entire 750 ml. It has a special cutter designed to cut open the top.

One has to decant the wine immediately after opening the bottle. It helps in airing out the spirit for excellent flavor. You can’t just open it when you want to. Whenever (if ever) you want to open this bottle and drink this luxury, you will have to notify penfolds. Their wine expert will come and open the bottle for you in a wine opening ceremony.

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Although many popular apps like the uber for wine have come up to help more and more people order and get booze delivered to an address of their choice, such rare blends might get hard to come by on an app. It doesn’t hurt to search. Some might be easier to find and the others much harder. The trouble with luxury brands is that they need a lot of care and attention in handling. On demand wine delivery might not be the best way to indulge in such luxury.

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