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best hair mesotherapy

For hair, loss mesotherapy is the most recommended treatment by the doctors. Mesotherapy is the latest technology for hair rejuvenation Under this treatment, the scalp is gently cleaned. Then necessary medicines are injected into the scalp.

The medications used include Vasodilators for the improvement of distal circulation, and vitamin activators to encourage growth.

This improves partially blocked microcirculation systems, loosening aging pilar cysts. Better circulation allows your hair follicles to be better nourished and which can improve hair regrowth

In Jaipur skincity, we provide quality mesotherapy at affordable prices you have been treated by most experienced and skillful doctors.

How it’s Helpful For Regrowth of Hairs:

Using derma roller, mesogen or insulin syringe, microholes are created over the scalp and stem cell serum or platelet-rich plasma or multiple vitamins for hair regrowth solution is instilled into the deeper layers of the scalp which stimulate the existing hair follicles and promote the new hair growth.

The growth factors trigger cell metabolism, speed up the revival of hair follicles and revitalize hair growth. It has been found to be helpful in a lot of patients suffering from huge hair fall.

Process of Treatment:

Mesotherapy is the easiest process in all the hair treatments it takes half an hour to one hour  and you can continue your work immediately after the treatment a certain patient requires at least 4 sessions but in the case of if you are expecting perfect results than go for 10-12 sessions but don’t worry if you are taking 4 sessions the 80% of improvement can be expected

There are two ways to perform mesotherapy

  • Chemical mesotherapy 
  • Mechanical mesotherapy

Cost of Mesotherapy:

In India mesotherapy is a well-known treatment and also a solid alternative of hair transplant, where hair transplantation is a costly treatment, mesotherapy is not that costly.

In Jaipur skincity, we are providing this at very affordable prices also you can get benefits of our 0% interest EMI facility.

Prevention After Treatment:

  • Don’t wash hairs before 24 hours
  • Exercise Daily
  • Prefer a healthy diet

Why Choose Us:

We have personalized treatment plans for our patients also our extremely skilled staff makes the procedure as easy as a hot shower for you. 

In our center mesotherapy is the most treated treatment. We are the master of this treatment our director, Dr. Sachin Sharda has performed more than 3000 surgery which statistics makes him well experienced. 

  • Latest Techniques
  • New Innovations
  • Absolute Value for Money Prices.
  • Best Results
  • Experienced Doctor Family


The latest technology and skilled doctors are our USPs and these things made us the best hair treatment center in Jaipur if you have any issues regarding fossils regrowth and diseases pls contact us you can also consult with us online only in 300/ rs. Or visit our clinics for more satisfactory results address we have two clinics address are below.

Lal Kothi

Address: 26, Satyavihar Colony, Next to Jain E.N.T. Hospital, Lal Kothi, Jaipur, RJ 302015, India

Pratap Nagar

Address: 101/168, Opposite Sharma Sweets Main Kumbha Marg, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, RJ 302033, India

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