The Best Vaping Accessories of 2019

vaping accessories

If you are looking to make vaping fun and stylish then you should invest in vaping accessories. There are a lot of vaping accessories available that add more joy to it. Whether you are vape dry herbs, E-liquids or extracts you should get the accessories because it makes it look more like part of a lifestyle rather than just a hobby.

The accessories are helpful in adding a personal touch to the vaping device. New accessories are introduced all the time to make sure that the consumers get to make vaping as entertaining. There are a lot of vape shops online UK where you can find the latest and most stylish gadgets.

Here are some popular vape accessories that you should buy in 2019.

Mig Vapor Credit Card Sized Pocket Grinder:

It is a good investment as you can carry it with you anywhere you go. It is slick and small so it can easily fit into a wallet just like any other card. The polished metal grinder has perturbing holes that are drilled in the base and its middle. The design of the card has to “Mig Vapor” running along both sides a Santa Muerte icon that is in the middle. It also comes with a cardboard carrying case. The card can be used to grind the material just like a cheese grater. Take any material you want to grate and run it back and forth over the protruding holes.

The Honey Stick Fill-It-Yourself Kit:

The honey stick fill-it-yourself kit is the perfect accessory for those who are a fan of DIY concentrates and wax vaping. These kits are used commonly by vapers but this particular kit is a better and improved version. It allows the concentrates and waxes to turn into oils.

The kit is made up of a 10 ml bottle of proprietary propylene glycol mixer. It blends with other concentrates and waxes to offer a good vaping experience. The kit also includes other tools like glass containers, blunt-nosed syringes and mixing spatula. All the accessories of the kit come in a fitted carrying case that has a felt-lined interior and has a zip to secure all the items. The kit also features three 2ml flavor shots of vanilla strawberry and blueberry.

Santa Cruz Shredder 4pc Grinder:

It is a four-piece grinder and sifter. It has a scratch-resistant anodized aluminum coating which makes it durable. The shredder also has a medical grade built of anodized aluminum. The top section has a top lid and a grinding section and the bottom half collects the ground material. The double-edged teeth grind the material consistently. The grind makes sure that the material is ground to the perfect consistency and does not turn into powder.

The Juul USB Charger:

The Juul USB charger is small and easily portable. You can fit it in a purse or pocket easily. Despite its small size the charger is pretty powerful and can charge a Juul battery in less than an hour. It is easy to use as you can insert it in any available USB port and out the Juul battery in between the two magnetic pins and it will start charging.

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