Brain Cancer and Brain Tumour awareness

Brain Cancer

The truth is that every there thousands of children all over the world are estimated to be diagnosed with either brain cancer or brain tumour. According to the health experts around one third of such children are not expected to survive over five years on contracting this dreadful disease, thereby making spinal cord and brain tumours to be among the most deadly of childhood cancers to be discovered. 

Toughest childhood cancer causing tumour types

Given below are different tumour types which are regarded to be the toughest cancers faced by children that can be successfully treated because of numerous factors including:

  • Precise cause still not known.
  • Tumours developing in the spinal cord and brain region in children are of different types.
  • Since the diseases contracted are rare and tumour tissue samples being small, testing and validating the latest treatment options does take some time. 
  • Researchers and doctors deal with the developing child’s body and brain. Hence, they are to ensure first avoiding harming the child.
  • Necessary funds meant to provide treatment and conduct research are limited in nature, because of relatively low incidence rate, when compared to the other commonly affecting childhood diseases and cancers. 

The fact is…

  • A mother is likely to grieve that her basic instincts pertaining to her child’s health was right.
  • A good number of families will get to know that their child has developed spinal cord or brain tumour. 
  • A child of 6 years old will try to grapple his/her situation with mortality.

Their families no more have to mourn for the development of such rare disease in their beloved child. If not diagnosed immediately after its development, the chances of the child’s survival are very less. There are many cases of children succumbing to such diseases causing extreme pain to their parents and families who mourn the beloved one’s loss. Contacting the best brain doctor in India at the leading hospitals in the country can help the parents to have a hope of their child being able to live a normal life like the others and be free from such diseases. 

With time, there has been constant advancements being made in the field of medical technology and new equipment and devices are being introduced from time to time to provide accurate and proper treatment to patients suffering from different types of diseases. The introduction of advanced, high end medical equipment like the MRI has managed to pinpoint the location of the disease and its extent of spread. Thus, the qualified and talented doctors are now in a better position to offer enhanced treatment facilities to these small patients who have contracted spinal cord and brain tumour. The hope for such children has only increased significantly including their survival rate in the last couple of decades. Thousands diagnosed with the issue have been treated successfully and made free from their ailments and thousands are undergoing treatment. the doctors have been trying to upgrade their knowledge and expertise as much as possible, so as to offer better and enhanced treatment to those suffering from such diseases. 

But experts are of the opinion that ‘survivorship’ for children suffering from spinal cord or brain tumours seems to be not that bright similar to survivorship which is celebrated with other cancer types. The reason is because two thirds of the patients affected tend to suffer from late effects like social isolation, physical challenges and cognitive damage. Besides this, measures like unemployment also has been playing a dismal part amongst such survivors when compared to other types of paediatric cancer survivors.

Hence, family facing such dreadful disease does require proper counselling and correct information on the dos and don’ts. There have emerged numerous non-profit organizations which have been offering such families with different types of assistance and programs possible to provide immense relief. Doing a quick web search can enable such parents of children contracting these rare diseases to find out plethora of resources as well as the brain doctor in India who can help in tackling the issue heads-on. 

Fortunately, medical science is being upgraded constantly to provide an opportunity for such children to do away with their ailments and lead a proper life.

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