Is Bumble really trending these days?

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Work keeps us so occupied these days that it’s quite difficult to socialise, make friends and meet new people. All of us need a friend or someone special in our lives to make us feel complete, someone to go to when in trouble, someone to cherish memories with, and someone to share your life with. They say it’s hard to find true love. But in the world where it’s so easy to communicate and make new friends, nothing is impossible.

Pros of Bumble

In olden days, people used to spend a lot of time together and in the process, they would end up falling in love. But now, the whole idea of dating and falling in love has changed. You study a person’s profile and if you find him or her appropriate, all you have to do is swipe right. Such apps are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays.

New users are signing up the dating apps every day. You get to see the person’s picture, personal information, family background and much more. Bumble is a very useful app to find a perfect match, especially for the people who are single and looking for a relationship. The best part of this app is that you get to meet people who are genuinely interested in dating. It helps you find someone with similar interests and beliefs.


So, it saves you from wasting your time trying to woo someone who is not interested. Moreover, Bumble tells you when a match is made so that you can get in touch with that particular person and take things further. It is pretty much helpful to people looking for meaningful dates. Apps like Bumble can change our lives by finding someone who is worth the wait.

Cons of Bumble

One can say that the idea of online dating is unauthentic, and would refrain from turning to internet to find a special person. Because the chances are that girls might come across morons who are looking for a casual affair or sex. The pitfall of this app is that you can never understand a person’s intentions. And one might end up falling into the trap of such creepy and vulgar people.

Secondly, a person can always lie on his or her dating profile. He or she can mentions things which are far from the reality. Most of the times, it is a woman who end up falling prey to a cheat. With Bumble, girls have to make the initiative, or else the match disappears within 24 hours. Whereas other dating apps allow guys also to make the first move. Trust and safety remain a big question with these dating apps. However, we have to accept that Bumble is here to stay and there is no escaping.

There’s no answer to the question, ‘Whether a dating app like Bumble is a bane or boon? ’Everyone has a different perspective. All we can say is that every coin has two sides.

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