caffeine consumption

In this modern world, we often need to get stimulated by some means either through emotional or by means of drugs in our drinks and foods. Without the internal stimulation, it is not possible for a human to strive in his daily busy schedule and compete with his others to succeed in his life. One of the drugs that we daily intake knowingly or unknowingly is nothing but caffeine. We would have heard about many supporting as well as contradicting news about caffeine consumption. This article brings you some crispy facts about it that may surprise you.

Where do you find caffeine?

Caffeine is available in coffee, tea, instant tea and coffee powders, dark chocolate bars, sweet chocolate, soda, soft drinks, energy drinks, black tea,  ice creams, and also in baked goods and sweets. These are major food and drink items that are rich in it.

First of all, we have listed out the advantages of caffeine consumption and its positive impact on our body.

Positive Impacts on Human Mind

Caffeine is taken mainly for bringing alertness and make our mind to perform better than its normal capacity. Ultimately, it improves the concentration power thereby it enhances the visualization and mind mapping ability while reading anything. What you feel in your mind is an increased level of energy, happiness, and enthusiasm.

Positive Impacts on Physical Human Body

When you are weary of doing physical work using hands or legs, your muscles develop stress within themselves. According to some research studies, it has been found that caffeine intake will stimulate the release of B-endorphins that relaxes the stressed muscles in your body relieving you from discomfort.

Caffeine in coffee consists of antioxidants capable of preventing diabetes by effectively assisting in burning fat and sugar. According to Harvard research studies, Parkinson and Alzheimer disease can also preventive.


Negative Impacts on Human Body

Now, we shall look into the negative impacts of consuming caffeine on our health.

High levels of caffeine intake will increase the blood pressure and keeps it at the same level for long hours. Cardiovascular disease is the ultimate effect of caffeine consumption.

Early morning caffeine consumption can amplify the stress levels instead of decreasing it. So, it is wise to avoid such beverages in the early morning.

Insomnia, restlessness, agitation is the effects experience out of the over-consumption of caffeine. i.e. more than 2 g of caffeine intake at a time.

This intake causes the excretion of much-needed minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and others through urine. It speeds up the aging process of the skin and kidneys and also causes DNA repair. Liver’s ability to detoxify toxins decreases with more intake of caffeine.

Apart from this, its consumption would lead to many diseases in females such as osteoporosis, infertility, menopausal problems, and low birth weight. Men would suffer from the urinary and prostate problems on its higher intake.

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