Ciggywala Brings A Sigh Of Relief For Bengaluru Smokers


Smoking is a beautiful activity. In a world so busy and strained who really has the time to go and buy a pack of cigarettes? Especially when you’ve packed up late from work, body is hurting, and the shops have closed. Isn’t that a really sorry state! In order to cater to this very painful need, a new start up has surfaced. The Ciggywala is a brand new start up that helps people order cigarettes from 11 P.M to 3 A.M. But how did they come to start this? Well, only a smoker knows the true pain of a fellow smoker.

Mr. Raj Datta, the founder of this start up is a brother in arms. An avid smoker who passionately understands what this magical stick of desire can do for its patrons once found himself in the need for a smoke in the middle of the night and just couldn’t catch a break!

The moment of Eureka

It’s hard to tell whether it was a desperate moment of frustration of not finding a half decent cigarette shop open at night or the good Samaritan inside of Mr. Datta, who wanted to alleviate the pain of his fellow smokers, but something inside him did move that night. Mr. Datta decided to venture forth with this service providing platform that would allow people to order cigarettes between 10 P.M and 1 A.M to get it home delivered in less than 20 minutes.

This service is currently only available in Bengaluru. In fact, even within Bengaluru, this service is restricted to:

  • Koramangala,
  • BTM Layout,
  • HSR Layout,
  • Indiranagar,
  • JP Nagar 7th phase,
  • Ulsoor,

They are soon planning to launch in

  • Electronic City,
  • Whitefield,
  • Sarjapur Road.

According to their spokespersons, they have had tremendous response from their users.  In fact, they claim that they had 2000 visits to their website within the first week of them launching it. They’ve had over 300 orders in just 12 days. Their marketing strategy was relatively simple. They put up posters at a few cigarette shops and that’s about it. They also had their friends share and post their poster on Facebook. Apparently one of their posts was tagged to 500 people.

We smokers look out for each other, right! If someone’s trying to help us out in the middle of the night, we want everyone to know about it. With such good response from the market and the kind of roaring success that Ciggywala has received, they have huge plans of expansions. They are a modern start up and are open to investments.

Not all heroes wear capes

Mr. Datta epitomizes heroism in the world of smoking cigarettes. Almost everyone who smokes and has been left craving for a little cigarette in the middle of the night. And let’s face it; we’ve all suffered that restlessness when we couldn’t find any. How many of us have felt the need of such a requirement, but did any of us do anything about it? Nah. We figured someone else eventually would. And someone did.  We are glad Mr. Datta proved to be that one person who took the case in his hands and turned a smoker’s tragedy into a sigh of relief.

In case a female customer places an order for a packet of cigarettes, they don’t have to worry about the riders knowing their phone numbers. The headquarter directly handles orders placed by females in order to protect their privacy. If they want, they can have the rider drop the box at an allotted place and leave so that they don’t even have to meet the customer (to protect customer identity).

Its’ All Legal – The Ciggywala

When it comes to smoking, there are many laws that one must be careful of. On Demand cigarette delivery can get complicated that way. Through the medium of their verification, policies this startup ensures that they aren’t selling it to anyone below the age of 18. They also abide by Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products act (2003) and to all its later amendments.

They’re really doing people one better. Not only do people get their packet of smokes when they need it, it has been found that many ‘drunk-driving’ incidents have been prevented because of the service provided by the folks at Ciggywala. Many people like to light it up once they get drunk. Now they can just have their cigarettes home delivered rather than driving in a state of intoxication. Every smoker in Bengaluru thanks them for their service!

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