What sells the most: A cigarette Story


It’s true that cigarettes aren’t that much cheaper today that were used to be a few years before. Every day new brands are coming up in the market with their own tobacco blends. Even cigarette brands are facing tough market competition. However, smokers have already chosen their brands and they are sticking to it.

Tobacco was discovered way too early in the 14th century but the use of it was not an easy job to discover. After a few years of tobacco discovery, people were actually confused that whether to eat it dry or smoke it in rolled leaves. Then finally, human brains are sharp enough that rediscovered an accurate use of tobacco. Cigarette!

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Popular Cigarette Brands across the Countries

Yet, not all cigarette brands are popular in the market. There are a couple of strong contenders who have already made their place in an existing market. The brands which are now has become the symbol of luxury. Let’s check out the brands with their best-selling cigarettes; you may find your smoking tip within this list too.


This brand name is known for its finest quality that you might be looking for. Dunhill is made by the British American tobacco company. They are one of the most expensive cigarette company across the globe. There is a long list of varieties of cigarettes with different content of tar as well as nicotine.

People all around the world love to smoke Dunhill’s cigarette as they come with a taste of undertone sweetness and; spiciness. Dunhill Switch is one of the bestselling cigarettes as it comes with a mint ball to make smoke taste quite minty.

Lucky Strike

One of the bestselling smoke of all time, Lucky Strike is an American brand which was first introduced in Virginia. Luckies are known for their roasted tobacco. Actually, most of the brands have their tobacco sun-baked but Lucky Strike roast their tobacco which gives their Cigarettes a better taste.

Women consider smoking their roll-up because of its smooth taste & richness of flavor. The creativity of Lucky Strike with their tobacco has made their cigarettes the bestselling smoke all around the world.


You can recognize their smoke by the name itself. Vogue enjoys a remarkable position in the market. If there is a half decent cigarette shop anywhere in the world, chances are, they sell Vogue. Women are fond of smoking Vogue’s cigarettes as their smokes are slim and hold a taste of menthol.

If you consider light cigarettes, then you should try vogue’s smoke. As they are more focused on flavors. This British American cigarette brand is one of the most expensive brands in the world. It enjoys the title of being one of the bestselling cigarettes in the world.


Sobrania, the oldest cigarette brand is the world which introduced by Gallaher group. Japan Tobacco is the primary owner of the Gallaher group. This company pretty much rules the tobacco scene in this part of the world.

Sobranie Cocktail, Sobranie Gold, and Sobranie Black Russian are the big cigarette names that come under the wing of this big cigarette brand. Sobranie Black Russian is one of the hardest cigarettes all around the world. Its black paper and golden filter give it a luxury smoking touch.

Net Sharman

Net Sharman is a brand owned by Altria, the largest & leading tobacco company of America. Altria also has its own Philip Morris. This could quite possibly mean that Marlboro and Net Sharman are somehow connected to each other.

Net Sharman cigarettes are more popular in the USA for their smooth and buttery smoke. Their tobacco burning quality gives a rich smoking feel. In comparison with other brand cigarettes, Net Sharman’s burns longer. That is why they are the best selling cigarette brand in the world.

Which smoke to choose, which one not to!

Well, if you’re a chain-smoker and loves to smoke hard-hitting cigarettes then you can go for Sobrania and Net Sharman. Or if your taste is buttery smooth with light smoke, you can try smoking Lucky Strike or Vogue.

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