8 Ways To Mask Cigarette Odors From You And Your Home

cigarette odors

No matter how much you love smoking, even most smokers can admit the smell and feel of cigarettes isn’t as pleasant as the effects. Whether you’re trying to quit, dealing with some shame, or just looking to make your home more comfortable for guests, there are times you’ll want to hide the fact that a smoker lives here.

To hide your smoking habits like cigarette odors while at home and out with friends, follow these tips.

Get An Air Purifier

You can always tell when someone’s been smoking. Especially when you don’t smoke. An apartment, home or car that’s been smoked in will hold the smell sometimes for months. Minimize the damage with a good quality HEPA air purifier. The best air purifier for smoke can help remove up to 99% of debris from the air, including smoke particles that make your place smell like cigarettes. Choose an air purifier for each room, or try to keep your smoking to one space indoors, and keep the filters regularly cleaned out to keep them working at peak efficiency.

cigarette odors

Tie Hair Back and Keep your Clothes Washed

Long or short, the smell of smoke clings to your hair, just like it does to your clothes. Keep it tied back, and be sure to blow the smoke away from you, to stop ash settling in your hair and on your clothes. If your hair isn’t long enough to tie back, try tucking it under a cap. Smokers should be washing their clothes more often than non-smokers, but don’t use anything with an overpowering scent. Change clothes after your cigarette, if you can. Line drying your clothes give you an extra boost of fresh air, and help get rid of the scent.

Chew Gum (Or Brush Your Teeth!)

It’s important to thoroughly brush your teeth in between cigarettes to hide the smell. If you’re too far away, or you’re smoking more than it’s reasonable to brush your teeth, keep a pack of gum on you to take the smell away.

Wash your hands Often

Nicotine stains on your fingertips and nails are a sure sign you’ve been lighting up. Get rid of them fast! As soon as you’re done with the cigarette, wash your hands. Wash with soap and water. Don’t overuse antibacterial hand soap, it can dry out your skin. Don’t forget under the nails! Use a buffer to keep your nails shiny and healthy.

Don’t Smoke in Closed Spaces

Ventilation is key to stopping your home feeling too stuffy. In addition to using an air purifier, never smoke in a stuffy room. Don’t hide in a closet, or bathroom without ventilation or windows. Keep windows open when you smoke, and make sure your vents are regularly cleaned and maintained to avoid smoke getting into the corners and crevices of your home. Choosing to smoke outside on a balcony can also help.

Wash the Walls

Smoke doesn’t just stain your teeth and fingers. Cigarette smoke clings to the walls, staining them over time. Regularly scrubbing your walls with trisodium phosphate, 1 tbsp per 1 cup of water will help you avoid staining and yellowing. It’s a lot less work than repainting every few months.

Deep Clean your Linens

Like your hair and clothes, your blankets, furniture, and throw pillows. will hold onto smoke odors. Using air freshener sprays can only take you so far. Regularly steam vacuuming your pillows and upholstery will help keep the smell off your furniture. Leaving cushions outside to air dry, as you would rugs and clothes, can help get even more fresh air, which makes a huge difference for the smell. While you’re at it, get steam cleaner for the carpets and rugs. Odors get trapped in the fibers, which is bad news for your carpets, and your family. Choosing a designated smoking area in the house, with wood, tile, or laminated flooring instead of carpets, can drastically cut down on the smell. Just be sure to keep it well-ventilated!

Get A Good Air Freshener

Finding the right air freshener can make a big difference toward making your home feel just right. That’s even more true when you’re a smoker. Especially for non-smokers, the smell of cigarettes is off-putting. Find a “signature scent” for your home. Choose something natural, gentle and light, and preferably, not from an aerosol can. Plug in air fresheners are a great choice if you’re looking to save money, but an oil diffuser offers a more concentrated scent, and incense is great for setting a relaxing atmosphere.

Whether it’s a habit you’re trying to break, or you’re a long-time smoker with no intentions of quitting, no one deserves to be self-conscious about their smoking habits. Nonsmokers can be extremely sensitive to the smell of cigarettes. These steps can help you mask your cigarette use, whether you’re out in public or at home. That means no shaming, and no stigma.

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