Custom Cigarette Boxes – Add a Touch of Style to Your Brand

custom cigarette boxes

Cigarettes are a widely used product and now a day there is huge growth observed in the number of its consumers. Different brands are emerging due to the high demand for a cigarette. The wholesalers of cigarettes are making their utmost efforts to make their brands come up to the top.

In this era, it is very important to enhance cigarettes’ brand visibility with custom cigarette boxes in order to compete for the market because people are attracted to those products that visually attract them. Custom cigarette boxes not only give the option of having the desired print design on your cigarette boxes but also get them in any shape and size of your choice. Custom Cigarette boxes are usually rectangular in shape with an opening top lid style with a much different custom variant style. Custom cigarette boxes can be crafted in any size, shape, design, and style, keeping in mind the major targeted audience. You can design your own cigarette box with our custom cigarette packaging options and add value to your brand.

Distinguish from competitor brands

As more brands are emerging in the tobacco industry, marketing is one of the most important elements for the sellers in order to make the targeted customers aware of what you are manufacturing and attract maximum consumers.Through cigarette boxes you canhave customized and attractive designs on cigarette boxes that can make your brand stand out among other cigarette brands and attract more target audiences having different demographics and choices.

Adds Marketing Edge

You can add any kind of creative design to your customized cigarette boxes that impact your audience. As cigarettes are consumed by people of all demographics so, one intended message cannot influence all the people. Hence, customizing your cigarette boxes in a way that adds a marketing edge to your products is very important in the present era of competition.

Personalization Matters

Custom cigarette boxes are either designed in a rectangular box shape or as a flat box, depending solely on what you requireThey provide safety to cigarettes and keep their aroma intact. The material that is used in the production of custom cigarette boxes is firm from outside whereas gentle from inside. It keeps the cigarette safe from both in and outsides. There are different materials that are used for custom cigarette boxes according to the taste of the

consumers. Following are the options one can choose from

• Cardstock

• Paper Packaging

• E-Flute Corrugated

• Eco-Kraft

These are the options for the material of cigarette packaging. Cardstock is the most common one used for custom cigarette boxes. 

Various Delightful Coatings

Coatings play an important role in making the custom cigarette boxes more charming and attractive. You can give a solid as well as a delightful or fancy look to your cigarette boxes. The coatings usually offered are:

• Spot UV

• Gloss

• Matte

• Gold & Silver Foiling

You can choose from the above coatings for your custom printed boxes as you like. Gloss will give a shiny look to your packaging boxes. If you like dark and dense colors Matte would be an appropriate choice for you, as it will give a deep theme effect to the custom boxes. Moreover, silver and gold foiling are used for the inner layer of the cigarette boxes. It gives a fine look and strong protection as well.

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