Say No to Drink & Drive with These Apps

on demand drink and drive app

Every then and now, you may be getting news about drink and drive accidents all around the world. People are not at all concerned about their lives and lose their tracks after being drunk. Drinking is not proper; the actual problem is not following the rules of the road. Not a single country on this planet allows people to drink and drive, but people only care for being high. According to the studies and surveys, from the last couple of years, nearly 15,000 people have lost their lives in road accidents. The only reason for road accidents was alcohol and still, the number is adding as people all around the world know better driving after being an alcoholic. However, to keep people like these away from danger after drinking, there are much drink and drive app available that can help them if they understand their own situation on the correct time.

drink and drive app

Consider helping yourself with these “drink and drive” apps and stay away from wheels.

Drink Tracker

It is an amazing app that can run on both the popular and most used mobile platforms i.e., Android and iOS. This app helps the person to keep their drinking capacity under controlled. The user can even set their drinking limit so that the app keeps tracking the blood alcohol content in real time. Drink Tracker is a good mobile application for the alcoholic people as this app also offers a map that provides easy directions. An easy direction of the map allows the person to commute easily. It even offers various taxi contacts so that the person who is over drunk can take a cab and reach home.

The only problem with an application is the user has to put the entire data manual regarding the alcohol which makes it a bit less accurate. It only provides the estimation of the danger.

U Drink I Drive

It’s a new start-up business in Thailand that provides driver services to the people who are drunk. The services are offered through their app called U Drink I Drive. The concept is quite simple, if any person drunk and is not able to drive his or her car, that same person can hire a driver through this app. A drive will arrive at the location and will drive the drunken person’s car as well as will drop that person on his or her place safely.

Well, Thailand ranks on 3rd position in the list of countries where most road accidents happen. And many cases are of drink and drive only.


Well, this mobile application is somewhat an amazing one. BACtrack is a breathalyzer app that makes you smart device into a breathalyzer tool. To use this application, you will have to purchase its extension that is a Bluetooth enabled measuring device. With the help of amazing and user-friendly interface of the BACtrack app, it becomes very easy to use it completely.

BACtrack is one of best breathalyzer app that works as accurately as an original breathalyzer. With the help of this app, you can just check how much you have drunk? Will you be able to drive or not? Do the measured counts allow you to drive legally? Use this app for your safety.


SaferRide is also a taxi calling app that allows you to get a taxi immediately. This app is meant for the people who are extremely drunk and are not able to drive on their own. The app interface very simple, it requires an internet connection in your smartphone. SaferRide gives three options:

  • Get a Taxi: Through this option, any individual can get a taxi to reach at his or her place without any problem.
  • Call Friend: This option opens up the contact list. It allows you to call your friend and it also sends your location to your friend through a text message
  • Where I Am: This option tells your exact location.


This app does not have an interface that usual apps have but it is perfectly designed for the drunken person. ENDUI offers a wide range of features as well as options to keep the drunken person safe. It is blinded alcohol log, BAC calculator, call a cab or a friend option and some games that make a drunken person realize how drunk he or she is!

This app even offers to call the driver so that the driver can drive the car to the drunk person’s place with him too. If the drunk person if not comfortable with a driver, he or she can directly contact a cab driver to take a cab to reach the home. It does not have a colorful user interface that allows an alcoholic to easily understand the menu of the app that is why this app is way much helpful in drink and drives scenarios.

You Drink We Drive

Well, as the name it says, this mobile app allows the alcoholic person to directly demand driver. It is just like uber, a drunken person have to request for a driver. As the driver will arrive, he or she will drive the owner’s car. It will safely make them reach the right location.

Now No Drink And Drive

This can be a good business as people are very careless and consider driving on their own after drinking. Consider purchasing a drink and drive app to keep the people’s life-saving. It may take time to expand but with drink and drive app, you can make lives better.

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