Classic Milds Cigarette

Nowadays we all know that smoking is injurious to health and it causes cancer. Many people couldn’t avoid the habit of smoking but a new technology has played an alternative role in nicotine or tobacco cigarettes and that is known as e-cigarettes. Many people are not familiar with this term still now and for them, it seems quite funny.

What is an electronic cigarette?

It looks like exactly as normal cigarette in shape and size. It is a battery operated product and it also has nicotine in it but the point which differs from the normal cigarette is often cigarette manufacturers use large nicotine and harmful ingredients to make the cigarette more addictive, but in e-cigarette a liquid cartridge containing nicotine, other ingredients and flavors are heated up into an inhalable vapor. There is a blessing for those who want to leave smoking but due to their addiction, it seems impossible.


The working process of e-cigarettes:

Some e-cigarettes are non-durable, and some are rechargeable. The costs also vary from company to company. It contains some liquids which get vaporized by a lithium battery. The smoke which is released due to smoking is a vapor actually. There is no difference with a traditional one in shape, taste and feel and people who have tasted it, really enjoy a lot.

Are they really safe?

Of course not! As it also contains nicotine, it also can cause cancers or other major diseases. But it is less harmful than conventional cigarettes. For its addictive nature, when someone stops taking it, the person may become hyper-tensed, depressed, irritable and anxious. People who have already heart problems should not take this. E-cigarettes have been recently innovating and so researchers are going on by the consultancy of doctors. It doesn’t create that harm still there remains some doubt. Teenagers, patients, and pregnant women should consult with a doctor before taking this.


  • Smoking banned at certain places such as libraries, toilets, cinema halls, offices because smokes are really harmful to both active and passive smokers. But e-cigarette doesn’t create any smokes; all it has is a vapor creating from the harmless liquid. It doesn’t disturb the environment and therefore can take in public place.

  • The harmless vapor doesn’t make any bad odor and it disappears within a second.
  • The battery within it is a rechargeable and refillable. But it varies from company to company.
  • In the cartridge, an ingredient named as Propylene glycol that used for anti-asthma medicine.


  • Although it tries to reduce the harmful effects and diseases caused by cigarettes it also has a little percentage of nicotine which can be harmful to smokers.
  • Heart attack, Pneumonia, hypertension and other health diseases can cause by taking this.

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