Top 6 expensive cigarettes in the world

expensive cigarettes

Cigarettes are known to be the top cause of preventable deaths all over the world. They are one of the highest consumer products in the world that considerably affect the amount of death percentage every year. And ever since it was officially known to the world about its harmful effects it can do to our body, the price of the cigarettes have shot up considerably. Some of the cigarettes’ prices rose to such an extent that with that huge amount of money one can even try a hand or two in Coral mobile casino sitting at their home, without harming their health. The extremely high price makes the cigarettes no longer reasonable, and smoking is considered a luxury in many countries today. So, to get an idea of the costliest cigarettes, we have listed the top 6 expensive cigarettes in the world. 


This cigarette brand is manufactured by an England-based company, The Chancellor Tobacco, and is the most expensive cigarette brand in the world. The brand products are produced by using the most premium quality materials only. This brand cigarette comes in many types of cigarettes such as Treasurer London Aluminum, Treasurer London Luxury, Treasurer Aluminum Black, Treasurer London Slims, Treasurer London Executive, MB, and Tornado. The cost of the Treasure cigarettes per pack costs approximately $60-$67 per pack.


Sobranie is one of the oldest cigarette brands in the world, introduced in the year 1879. They are manufactured by the Gallaher Group, an England-based tobacco company owned by Japan Tobacco, which is one of the leading tobacco companies in Japan. The Sobranie brand specializes in top-quality cigarettes, which offers a wide selection of products like Sobranie Cocktail, Sobranie Gold, Sobranie Black Russian, and Sobranie White Russian. Amongst all the variant, the most popular is the Sobranie Black Russian, which is considered as one of the most heavy-hitting cigarettes. They are built in a gold and black outer cover, which gives a premium feel and easily recognizable look. With the approximate cost of $12.80 per pack, they make it to the most expensive cigarettes in the world. 


The next brand to enter the list for the most expensive cigarettes in the world is Vogue, which is owned by British American Tobacco. One unique factor about this brand is that the products are manufactured primarily focused on women consumers, so the cigarettes are lighter compared to the other brands. Some of their top product variants are Vogue Superslims and Vogue Superslims Menthol, which emits pleasant flavours. They are available for approximately $4.10-$5.60 per pack at the market.


Parliament is another expensive cigarette brand which is owned by Altria, the owner of the Marlboro brand. Along with some few cigarette brands, this brand is famous for using recessed paper filters which are known to prevent the tar from coming in contact with the smoker’s mouth, thus helping them lower the tar consumption and at the same time, enhance the flavours. The content of the filter in the Parliament cigarettes intensifies the rich flavour to the highest degree, which is the main reason why this brand is remarkably popular among smokers. Along with that, this brand product is also known for its smoothness with the right amount of kick. There are, basically, three variants of the Parliament cigarette- Night Blue, Aqua Blue, and Silver Blue. The cost of the product is approximately $8.30 per pack.


Introduced in the year 1907, the next brand to make it to the top 6 list of the most expensive cigarettes in the world is Dunhill. This brand is also owned and manufactured by British American Tobacco, which is the largest tobacco manufacturing companies in the world. Dunhill cigarettes are known for their luxury price, which is why it falls under the top 6 category. The packaging of the cigarette comes in a simple and classy design, and there are two variants- Dunhill and Dunhill International. However, one negative factor of this brand is that the products are very hard to find in the market, so it is recommended to the buyers to get in bulk at once, to avoid any inconveniences unless you’re patient enough to wait for the shipping from online stores. The packages costs from $5.00- $9.30 per pack.


The last and final brand to join the list is Davidoff, the brand which nobody misses to mention when it comes to the most expensive cigarette brand in the world. The Davidoff brand is a Swiss brand known for producing luxury and valuable goods. And undoubtedly, Davidoff cigarettes are made from premium quality and have the perfect smoothness and effects. There are two variants of this brand product- the Davidoff Gold and the Davidoff Classic, which approximately costs $5.90. The name of the brand was originally named after the founder, Zino Davidoff, and is widely known as a premium brand that markets top-quality cigars and cigarillos.

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