Field Services: Prioritizing Technician Health & Safety in Covid-19 response

field services technician health

The Field Service Technician is liable for the installation, service, and support of computer-based integrated electronic security systems including access control, video, camera, intrusion identity, intercom, and other alert systems.

Field Service Technician key requirements include understanding for networking, IT, technical skill, field services, system technician/expert, radiofrequency, or land mobile radio.

Preferred Telecom Field Engineer Skills: 

  • Guides in installing new tools solutions into the operations of the team. 
  • Hands-on expertise in the usage of equipment normally used in the progression and testing of communication systems (Communications Systems Analyzers, Power Sensors, and Watt Meters, TIMS sets, CPS, RSS, Antenna Systems Analyzers (FDRs), T1 test sets, etc.) 
  • Contribution to the configuration and testing of telecom’s two‐way radio and endorser products. 
  • FCC license and industry certifications, for instance, ETA is preferred.

Organizations are taking measures on Worker Safety:

Maintaining Equipment in a Time of Social Distancing 

While standard support requests, either in a merchant’s shop or in the field, are still going to come with some level of interaction, most dealers offer the option to request online or using phone, offering one less point of contact.

For service requests on machines down in the field, Enterprises implementing an extra progression to ask the customer a few inquiries and help check the risk of exposure to the field service technician. Many organizations are providing field service technicians with masks and cleaning equipment and protocols to ensure they properly sanitize the machine and taxi before getting close.

On the truly virtual side, many sellers offer phone and email support for technology on GPS, GNSS, or survey equipment, as well as machine troubleshooting and fundamental repairs, regularly with the ability to send software updates directly to the machine with the most ideal customer access. Again, gadgets like Microsoft Teams and video calls are further improving the service experience by offering a secured face-to-face opportunity.

Similarly, this level of remote support, machine monitoring, and virtual repairs have been offered by many merchants for quite a while; in any case, they’ve currently gotten more noteworthy than ever.

Preventive measures to guarantee field service agents 

As a core consideration, organizations need is to ensure that their workers can work effectively and safely during this season of vulnerability. As such, they can execute: 

  • Pre-entry temperature screening at their major manufacturing sites; 
  • On-site hygienic work guidelines, for instance, regular hand washing, usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, health checks, increased cleaning and sterilizing measures and social distance rules; 
  • Remote work whenever possible; 
  • Most meetings should be replaced with phone calls or video conferences; and 
  • Everything except essential travel should be canceled.

Technology is Helping Field Technician Operations 

Today the field engineer has instant mobile communication between base support and the individual who originally perceived the issue. Digital tablets that consider real-time updates of issue reports and equipment status have replaced the clipboard. Regardless, the thermos isn’t leaving anytime sooner rather than later.

Field Service Management Software 

Field service management software is a crucial part of any software’s capacity to follow field service activities. When you’re rearranging schedules and order requests for bosses, technical experts, and customers, you can’t stay to drop any of the balls. In any case, while field service management has gotten standard, growing torments are as yet ordinary.

Does your software consolidate with your mobile phones and is it expected to keep doing as such with future upgrades? If your organization expands, will your field service administration capacities extend with it? The expectation is that field service management will dynamically facilitate with other systems within the company, and software must besides suit.

By current communications technology, the field service engineer isn’t the only one in the field. Or on the other hand, perhaps, the field engineer is ceaselessly in contact with office and customer and remembering that the ability to act freely will always be regarded, there is the extra commitment of effective communication with everyone related to the repair effort.

The Wearable Future of Mobility: mobile field service software

Service organizations are changing from being receptive to proactive and utilizing mobile solutions to help both the organization and the field engineer to do in that capacity. For the field service expert, mobile solutions are giving important customer information, yet also service and equipment history, contracts, parts available, picture taking capacities, and GPS functionality for basic locating.

Mobile software solutions can also give information into which other customers are nearby and can be proactively serviced while a field service technician is in the area. This basic access to customer information builds more customer dedication, which finally drives customer support and advantages.

In any case, mobile solutions are not restricted to smartphones and tablets anymore. Wearable computers are currently being considered as a technology that can help field specialists use voice commands to access records, schematics, and charts while keeping their hands free.

Wearable computers can also provide video and picture sharing to a remote operator, while the field tech is nearby to provide additional guidance and give a faster response to completing the job on the first visit. Data regarding customer changes and demands would now be able to be collected and shared in real-time over the entire organization to build a more transparent point of view and help develop new solutions for customers.

Use Faster Online Payment Methods

Utilize a good mobile field service application [eg –] that will allow your field engineers to easily record their time, parts, and tasks against a hardware resource and work order, and sync that data into your charging system upon work order close-out, fastening your service of the cash cycle.

Safety & Security Preferred:

Field Maintenance Technician Service Providers have been proactive in implementing the indispensable safety measures for COVID-19 and are presently practicing social separating, cleaning protocols, wearing face masks, and pre-screening rules with customers before their visits. Field Specialists are also given Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for added safety.

The company’s housekeeping and sanitization efforts should be extended and their agents should be advised on playing it safe to avoid the spread of all contagions. Organizations need to continue to watch and follow the latest Covid-19 protocols as directed by the CDC and WHO.

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