Senior’s Guide to Physical Health During COVID-19

physical health COVID-19

People of all ages are learning about affordable healthy eating during COVID-19, because consuming nutrition based meals and taking other precautions can help anyone reduce their risk of getting sick. This challenge is especially difficult for many older folks who need to pay particular attention to their health during the pandemic. Health authorities say that seniors are more susceptible to illness and can help themselves by following commonsense guidelines in their daily lives.

What are older adults doing to protect themselves, stay healthy, and make the most of a difficult situation? Many are opting for senior meal delivery services that bring balanced, delicious meals right to their front doors. Those in search of a senior meal plan for several days, weeks, or even months, contact one of the health management meal delivery services to avoid going out to the store. There are other reasons for seniors to choose this method of affordable healthy eating during COVID-19, like the fact that home-delivered meals are extremely convenient, affordable, and come with a huge variety of menu options.

Here are some of the many guidelines that seniors are following in order to stay safe and healthy during the current crisis:

General Precautions

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that everyone, not just seniors or those who currently have serious illnesses, should adhere to the following guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Take care of your general health by eating right, exercising in moderation, and getting enough sleep

Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 30 seconds, several times per day

Make an effort to remain inside your home

Always stay at least six feet away from others if you do have to go out

Contact your doctor if you think you might have contracted the virus

Disinfect all surfaces in your home that you regularly come into contact with

Avoid air travel, train travel, public transportation, and cruises

Special Tips For Seniors

If you’re over the age of 60, or have one of many chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, lung disease, or hypertension, you’re in what medical experts call a “high risk” group for contracting the COVID-19 virus. In addition to all the standard precautions, seniors and folks who already suffer from serious illnesses need to be extra careful.

That’s mainly because the human immune system loses some of its strength with each passing year. The result is that people have a more difficult time avoiding viruses and many other diseases when they reach their 60s. If you are in one of these high risk groups, consider taking some additional precautions, along with the ones listed above. Here are some easy, effective ways to safeguard your health while the COVID-19 virus is continuing to spread:

Keep an eye on your household supplies of medicine, foods, and liquids. If you have no way of getting to the store, be sure to enlist someone’s help or sign up for one of the health management meal delivery services. Also consider contacting your pharmacy and letting them know you need your medications delivered to your home.

Note that many local pharmacies will not charge their regular delivery fees during the COVID crisis. Contact your healthcare provider to see if you can get monthly drug refill limits on prescription drugs lifted.

Ordering home delivery for groceries can be a good idea but keep in mind that most of the chain grocery stores are inundated with orders right now so might not be able to meet your time requirements. Home meal delivery services are a viable alternative because they’re affordable and are not over-booked like the grocery stores are.

Check to see if your nearby grocery outlets and big-box stores have special hours for seniors. If they do, consider visiting during those times to minimize your exposure to others and to take advantage of less crowded conditions.

Don’t forget that many restaurants are offering curbside service if you have a hankering for your favorite dish.

Carry a small container of hand sanitizer with you and use it after touching any surface, person, or object while your are outside of your home.

If you have to pay for something at a drive-thru or store, use credit or debit cards instead of cash in order to minimize your contact with paper bills. Paper retains infectious bacteria and viral particles much more readily than plastic.

Choose disposable paper or plastic bags rather than reusable ones while the crisis is ongoing. If you have to use cloth or any other kind of reusable bag, be sure to clean, sanitize, or thoroughly wash it after every use.

If you begin to notice chest congestion, dizziness, or are running a slight fever, be sure to contact a healthcare provider because these are some of the more common symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

Making Smart, Delicious Choices

There’s certainly a lot to think about during the current health situation. Some people find it helpful to make a written list of tips and post them on the refrigerator or front door. Another key part of maintaining optimum levels of nutrition and physical health is choosing personalized meal delivery from a reputable company like California Chef.

For almost 15 years the meal delivery service California residents trust is California Chef. They offer well-rounded, good-tasting, nutritious choices for everyone’s tastes, whether that means diabetic meal delivery, organic toddler meal delivery, diet meal delivery, or more standard fare for young and old.

So, consider posting a list of “physical health tips” on the fridge and checking into senior meal delivery services that offer nutrition based meals where you live. Along with all the tips and daily living guidelines, following a senior meal plan and using a personalized meal delivery provider can go a long way toward helping you get through the COVID pandemic in top shape, both mentally and physically.

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