A Common Remedy for Heartburn or Stomach Indigestion

stomach indigestion remedy

There are many conventional medicines which one can take for indigestion of the stomach and other common symptomjfgyhuis such as heartburn, sour stomach. And most of these medicines do contain aspirin, which the Alka seltzer gold tablets do not contain. Alka seltzer gold is from a group of medicines which are known as antacids, which work in controlling the excessive stomach acid.

stomach indigestion remedy

There are various diseases which can be prevented by consuming Alka seltzer gold tablets. Some of them are:

  • Heartburn: Heartburn is nothing but a burning sensation in a person’s chest. The pain is usually in excess when the person has eaten anything or when they do common tasks such as being over and lying down. Even though heartburn can cause minor discomfort for the person, it can be a small cause for alarm. Because heartburn is too common. Most of the people can easily help in reducing heartburn by adopting a lifestyle turn over or could also change their lifestyle. Not only the lifestyle change aspect, but the person could also use over the counter medications such as the AlkaSeltzer Gold tablets. Even though it is a minor symptom, sometimes it could be an indication of much bigger disease to come to the person.

Some of its common symptoms are:

  1. Burning pain after eating
  2. Excessive pain while bending down
  3. The person experiences some acidic or bitter taste in their mouth
  4. Difficulty in breathing.
  • Stomach indigestion: In many cases, indigestion of the stomach is due to eating habits and as well as drinking habits. Even though other causes can be certain infections, to come clear, indigestion is not a disease. In particular, but a series of discomfort for a person who is careless about their eating and drinking lifestyle. Greasy and oily food, spicy food can act as a trigger for stomach indigestion.

There are some general symptoms when they can identify when they have stomach indigestion.

Some of the symptoms are feeling pain in the chest and stomach section. This is usually occurring when the person doesn’t eat fully, but they feel like they are full and feel utterly uncomfortable. Not only that, this can lead to the severity in the symptoms if not proceed with caution — smokers who smoke regularly to have faced similar cases of indigestion. Hence, working out and exercising regularly would lead to better lifestyle choices and would help in making sure that the person is fit. The person should also avoid oil, greasy, and spicy food in order not to cause any further discomfort. There are several medications containing antacid for curing stomach indigestion. In case the traditional antacid doesn’t work, then the person is given antibiotic medication, which would help in restoring indigestion.

  • Sour Stomach: Sour Stomach is also associated with discomfort in the stomach because of irregular and unhealthy food habits. Sour stomach is also one of those which could lead to the person having diarrhoea.

The most common symptom of Sour Stomach is irregular farting, sour and foul-smelling breath, gas, feeling of bloating, and even heartburn. There are some remedies for sour stomach other than using over than counter medicationand other antacids which come in handy to cure the person of the discomfort that they feel.

There are other remedies other than taking the medicated drugs such as drinking the necessary amount of water and making sure that the person is hydrated, having ginger tea to soothe the stomach and the tummy because ginger helps in reducing the common signs of the sour stomach such as vomiting, nausea, and mainly diarrhoea.

Some traditional methods do exist where a person is advised to take up mint leaves and make a juice out of them and mix them up with other liquid consumables such as tea. Having mint candies also helps the person in getting rid of these common discomforts. All in all, the primary concern for a person should be that the person should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle where they can regulate the amount of junk going into their body. Taking medication like the Alka seltzer effervescent tablets also helps.

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