How to Secure an Artificial Plants in Pots

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are not like live natural plants. We can maintain the synthetic plants without spending much of our time and energy, but the potting is important for an artificial plant to get the view that we want from this kind of artificial plant. So, we need to learn how to secure the best artificial plants in pots to match with a different kind of interior and implement them accordingly.

With the live and natural plants, we need the soil and fertilizer full pot with the proper drainage system in order to keep it live. The softness of the plant is soothing to our eyes and nervous system.

Now, why would you need to pot the artificial plant?

It’s true that the synthetic plants don’t require any fertilizer and water, but we want to make them just like the fresh plants and improve the look of the interior that’s a pot is really important according to the placement of a plant.

Yes, the placement. Nobody uses the same type of vase or pot for the plant everywhere. If it’s for the tea table, then a small vase is fine and then you will require a crystal clear vase if its to place on a basin. What if it’s for door front? A door front suits with a big and strong pot with a big plant. In every case the potting basic is quite the same, we need to make it stable and wobble-free so that stands for long without trembling down every now and then.

A question may arise that artificial plants do come with a glued pot, why we may need another pot. The pots we get with the package may not sometime look good with the interior we have so its better to find a favorable pot and settle the artificial yet close to mature plant.

As said earlier, it’s all about settling the base of the plant and there are quite a few options to do it.

Firstly, what kind of plant have you got? Pre-potted or without pot? That’s where the planning of how to secure artificial plants in pots begins.


Step 1: Settle Down The Base

If the plant is pre-potted and it needs to be potted again in a larger and better-looking pot then you will require some sand and some rocks to create the base. Now put the pre-potted artificial plant in your new pot. You may not need the rocks at the bottom if the new pot is similar in size that you got from the seller. The sand at the bottom helps the plant to settle down easily and decrease the chance to wobble as the base gets heavy.

If the plant is not potted from the seller then you will need to buy some planting foam to help the plant stand accordingly on a firm base. Based on the pot size the foam needs to be cut.

Step 2: Try To Be In The Center Point Of The Pot

The center point gives a better look as well as the strength at the base which helps to carry the pot without any problem.  

Step 3: Putting the Sand and Pebbles

Most of the time we see after putting the plant in the new pot there is a space that needs to be filled. Here it’s better to use the extra sand to fill up space properly. After leveling up with the sand the pebbles come into action to cover the sand tops.

Not only the big planting pots the rocks can be used within the small planting vase also to bring on the natural look. You can keep the rocks in natural form or also can give it a colorful shade. If you are living in wet weather, it’s better to color them it helps to wash them easily and the smoothness of the acrylic does not lets to stand the dust that easy.

So in a nutshell, things we required to prepare an artificial plant pot.

  • Sand or soil depending on the availability to cover up and create the base to settle down the artificial plant.
  • Small stones to put over the sand or soil to cover up.
  • Planting foam when the plant does not come with the pot.
  •  A good looking pot to match with the interior.

Final Words

So it’s the basic to pot an artificial plant. Whether you are dealing with a small pot or big pot you can apply this general method to get the artificial plant ready for displaying at a particular corner. After reading this discussion, you must not have any doubt on how to secure artificial plants in pots, whether it’s to display on a sink or at the door front and we hope the artificial plant going improve your interior in a great way.

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