Which is the Best Way to Start Vaping?

start vaping

Vaping is a trend these days. But it isn’t just a fad that will go away. It is something that will remain in our world because it is a better, more stylish, cheaper and healthier option than their infamous counterparts.

Vaping itself might not be a very complicated thing; however, choosing the right vape kit, to begin with, might be somewhat complicated. In order to understand how you can choose the best vape starter kit you just have to follow your instincts. Here’s a step by step guide to choosing the perfect vape kit.

What kind of a smoker are you?

The first thing that you have to check is what kind of smoker are you? Do you like to smoke strong flavors, or do you like your cigarettes mild? This will enable you to identify the kind of vape stick that is best suited for your taste.


However, there is another thing that you might want to consider. Are you a flashy person or are you a discreet smoke? Would you like to flaunt your vape stick or would you rather have a small one that can hide efficiently in your pocket?

Check out the options available in the market and hold them. Experience the feel of it. See how it fits in your hand and whether you like it or not. Then, you will be able to choose the right vape stick for yourself.

Choosing the actual device

Before you start thinking about which flavors you should spend on, you should look take a look at what kind of devices there are in the market. What is it that you think you will achieve with a vape stick? Do you want that “smack on your face” hit of nicotine or are you after a subtle feeling of white smoke in your throat?

For the former one, you should find a device that has a heating element like a coil or a wick which offers a very high level of resistance. Since there is a heating element, it usually doesn’t consume a lot of power. These ones can be used with vape juices with much higher nicotine content.

Our research indicates that such devices are often much smaller than the other devices and can be quite discreet. There will be quite a bit of vapor from these, but you will certainly not get clouds of smoke from these.

IT’s all in the Juice!

Vape juice – or else known as e-juice, eliquid, juice and all kinds of funny names – is fundamentally a liquid that comprises of a “humectant” (either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin) along with an amount of nicotine, and some flavorings. The humectant is responsible for the big white clouds that you see when you exhale. The juice needs to be put in your stick as per the instruction and then just start vaping!

Buying vape juice for the first time can be a little frightening, with so many to options to decide from and a shocking collection of brands. But honestly, there are only two things that you need to take care of Favor and nicotine content.

How to start Vaping? Use an app

If you are really very confused about selecting the right vape stick, you should perhaps consider using an app to buy your vape. This is because:

  1. You will get all the information that is required for you to make the selection right there.
  2. Someone will come around and deliver the vape to you at your own home.

There are quite a few online portals that offer buying cigarettes and e-cigarettes online, but if you like, you can use a Vaping on demand app to help you enjoy the perfect puff from the convenience of your home. Just use your smartphone to download the app, register and log in and start Vaping!

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